WordPress Makeover – I’m so pleased!

WordPress Makeover – I’m so pleased!

WordPress Makeover – I’m so pleased!

Makeover using WordPress Theme Coastal + Visual Composer

(this is from one of my previous layouts)

I’ve gone and done it again! I’m super happy with the results but in all fairness I am exhausted. I thought a little tweaking here and there and I’ll be done… I was wrong! I’ve worked a lot with themes from Station Seven so I thought… no problem! Why the awesome themes from STNSVN are easy to work with it’s still a lot of work focusing on what you want and where.

For the most part I’ve used Visual Composer for the pages which I had to relearn how to use. I’ve watched about five tutorials today some of them more than once because things got tricky.

It’s up and running but I’d still like to expand a few pages using Visual Composer. There may be a few mistakes here and there, I’ll go through it again tomorrow but I really don’t like having the site down for so long so I’ll take my chances that nothing major is missing. I do love the work but I’m going to go crash on the couch in a few… I’ve been at it all afternoon and evening (even with prepping yesterday evening).

Hope you like it =)

For those of you here in The Netherlands, have fun celebrating Independence!

xoxo Micheile


P.S. I’m using the Coastal Theme from Station Seven. Also many of the pages were made using Visual Composer.

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