our vtwonen voorjaarshuis 2017. Fingers crossed!

vtwonen voorjaarshuis || our voorjaarshuis

The products and palettes for our vtwonen voorjaarshuis

UPDATE: WE LOST :'(  We’re ready for next year! Congrats to the winner!

Spring is in the air and that means it’s time to freshen things up around the house. Some spring cleaning and packing away the winter clothing. Time to rearrange a bit and do some work in the garden. Our favorite interior styling + design guru’s from the vtwonen team are always inspirational. We have their magazines, watch their shows and their webshop is our go to place when shopping for home accessories. For the last three weeks we’ve been creating a wishlist containing products from the vtwonen shop for our ‘spring home’. They are giving away €10,000 of products from their webshop. So yesterday just after midnight we entered with our product choices. I had something wrong in my spreadsheet so that meant puzzling a bit to get the required exact amount of €10,000. It went from a private pinterest board, then continued to Google Sheets and then we filled our ‘wishlist’ leaving a bit of playing room for possible price changes and or a change of heart. We managed to get it done and now it’s time to wait!

We’re constantly busy with the house. We’ve lived here just over a half year and love it more with each passing day. The urban style garden, is screaming for attention. With it’s massive walls covered with ivy, one ivy covered wall revealing bricks and what appears to be bricked in factory windows. There are two entry points to the garden from out the side of our home. through our living room as well as our kitchen. One side is bordering the street, with a lower brick wall enschrouded with ivy and a port leading to the street.

We’ve got big plans for the port and the garden basics. We’ve got two cats that we’d like to be able to let in the garden. As it is now they are not allowed. In June the renovation of the garden will begin. I’ll post about it in detail, but for now here’s the basics of it. We’re still debating on the stone type but at the moment were leaning towards a mix of grey/white garden stones covering the most of the garden. We’ll have a covered outdoor kitchen on one side next to our shed. The outside terrace will be large square tiles placed approximately 3 cm apart (see collage below for example of stone color and spacing). One section will be a lounge area with a fire pit, lounge chairs and a salon table which we will be making with a metal frame and cement top. The color palette is black, grey, green, wood and white. We’ll have a small planting bed for common vegetables and herbs. Also here and there large potted plants and trees and a flower bed with native flowers and decorative grasses.

vtwonen voorjaarshuis moodboard

My style? Some of you that have followed for a while probably think vintage, brocante and or Scandinavian style. Times change, and I love changing things around, even my style. There are some basics that are reoccurring in my style type, for example vintage, homemade + mix matching. Botanical is always a favorite of mine. Often in the past with soft colors, roses and greens. Nowadays it’s more pure, raw and natural. I had a phase where I wanted everything white, light tinted wood and bright colors. I think it was my reaction to having so many things that I was tired of in my home. I studied visual presentation, where changing with the trends was the point. An ever-changing palette and design that I have always carried with me into my home. Having had to move several times with not much more than a suitcase I took what I could get and made the most of it. When I started throwing things out and giving things away I felt the need for fresh, airy and  pops of color. That phase has past, and I feel that my style has developed into something more mature and personal. I would describe my style as botanical, urban, industrial, raw and rustic. Keywords for my style; plants, wood, mat colors, exposed brick, metal, greens, black, grey, botanical prints, herbs, ceramics, rattan, leather and cozy. Below you’ll find moodboards for our home plus a snapshot of what we’re hoping to win. Also some pics of how our home looks like now.

dishes + table accessories


moodboard living space

kitchen moodboard

Our home.
(iPhone photo’s)
140m2 / living room – kitchen +/- 70m2
(the captions give some info. regarding our plans)

As you can see we have a lot of work to do before our ‘dream home’ is finished. We’ve already done quite a bit, like adding a new floor, painting the walls and the metal door frames. Eventually we will have other furniture, right now we still have a mix of his + mine. The doors need to be painted, we’d love to use door stickers to get an industrial look, however our doors are larger than the stickers that are available. We’re considering a wall paper, otherwise they will be black (on the side of the hall), and light grey in the direction of the garden. The kitchen will be black with leather door handles, the walls black with raw wood open shelving. We’re going to build our own extention for the kitchen… or an island. We love cooking and I’d like to not have my back to the living space while I’m preparing meals. The kitchen countertop is going to replaced with a cement countertop, and the faucet will be mat black.

Here below are the items we’d like in our dream interior. It’s really been fun picking out the items. We did it together and while we were busy we made some final plans for the house. It’s a contest where participating is so much fun… then you realize, oh wow, maybe, just maybe we could win.

our vtwonen voorjaarshuis

(one image had a broken link. it’s a storage unit we’re going to paint black and use in our outside kitchen)

We’ve picked items than can be mixed and matched in the living space as well as in the garden. The palm tree print cushions will be nice on the couch but in the garden lounge area too. The dramatic floral wallpaper with the black open cabinet with raw wood shelving inside will look beautiful together. The rattan chairs on one side of our dinner table with the black bench on the other. The bench will be replaced eventually with something I’m searching for. Afterwards the bench will be for in the hallway with plants and accessories.  We can also use it outside with the two lounge chairs and the set of garden chairs that are also in our wishlist. The wall rack for cups will look fantastic on the black wall; the ceramics we’ll hang on the rack will really stand out with the black background. We’ve added some pink for an accent color next to black, grey, wood + green. The floral wallpaper has pink and because I have so many pink blankets and pillows we can mix and match with the green ones on the list. We’ve added quite a few plants and accessories for hanging plants. With two cats, plants and flowers hanging are more practical and also keeps the room playful. We’ve got such a spacious living space that the four seats couch will fit in nicely. The accordion wall lamps will be placed above the kitchen counter where the open shelving is coming. The dishes we’ve selected will match well with what we have and be great for indoors as well as outdoors. I love the black with wood. We’re addicted to wooden cutting boards so the combinations we can make are plentiful.  With the outdoor lighting, and record player, the garden is going to be the place to be this summer.

Fingers crossed and the best of luck to all of the other participants.

xoxo Teresa Micheile

Our product board + our inspiration board for our home



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