vtwonen + design beurs 2016

For the first time in eleven + years it wasn’t a mom and daughter trip to the annual Sanoma Media home + design expo (aka woonbeurs / vtwonen en design beurs). Last Tuesday morning my daughter and I set off from Enschede and made the long trip to Amsterdam with my boyfriend! What better way to gather inspiration for our new home.

Though I’m very up to date with interior trends and have more ideas than I know what to do with, it still makes for a nice day out. For my boyfriend it was a first visit to the expo.. On our way home we discussed ideas for our new home, which only added to the experience. We’re now going to make time to re-think some of our interior choices. I think the main change is going to be adding more personal elements, being a bit more bold and straying away from showroom models. Always a huge pet peeve of mine; Homes that look like showrooms. Homes with nice products all in all, but they tell me nothing about the people living there. Another mistake that is often made in home decorating is when really awesome accessories and furniture are acquired without keeping the big picture in mind. You end up with a home filled with awesome products that as soon as they’re all placed into a living space, ends up having no symmetry or unity. My advice is if you can’t find the harmony, hire an expert. I think being a stylist isn’t something you can learn. You’ve either got it in you or you don’t. If it’s in you, you’ll be able to polish your skills and improve with each project you do.

That being said now it’s time for photo’s of the expo. That’s what you’re here for if I’m not mistaken?! This year I went without a camera but as my daughter, Cierra is a photographer I’ve got plenty of interior porn to share with you.


VT Wonen is an interior design magazine || keywords: urban, trendy, design, diy, daring, out of the box, dramatic + stylish || the house was +/- 672m2 (+/- 7233 square feet)

See next post for more. Including Ariadne at Home + Karwei + Eijerkamp.

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xoxo Teresa Micheile

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