up and running again!

up and running again!

So the site is up and running again, with a new look (yes -I’ve changed the layout again). The site is looking and feeling a bit better than I am at the moment. I’m struggling a lot these days. Bipolar is something I can live with, but it doesn’t mean it is easy for me, or those around me. Luckily I have some good friends and an awesome daughter and boyfriend to keep my spirits up!

I’m working on stock photography packages of my own photography to place on line for free! I’m also going to creating  collections of online free stock photography that is available for you to use absolutely free. If you are a business owner looking for visual content i.e. website developer looking for images for a demo, or if you just simply need a curated set for your projects online.

I will also have more information regarding my website demo’s and how I can assist you with your WordPress website -for free of course!

As for weddings. Fuck them! Haha sorry, I’ll grow to enjoy them again one day soon but the bridezilla that is out of the picture has ruined them for me for  the moment. Her wrath has destroyed years of friendship -so no wedding things for awhile. I am tempted however to make some kick-ass wedding signage for stock photographs just to annoy bridezilla. She burned the bridges, and still thought we’d deliver on the signage. Oh, at least one of the grownups in that family has some balls.

These last few weeks have been absolutely terrible! haha really, if I instagrammed my mood in images they’d be quite offensive and not pretty!

I am happy with the site though! It still needs a few tweaks, and I need to add a lot of content that is finished. I’ll get to it soon!

Hope your weekend was good.



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