The Upperside Concept Store in Enschede

The Upperside Conceptstore Enschede

The Upperside Conceptstore in Enschede is the subject of today’s post. It’s a trendy, fun and an AMAZING place to score great gifts and other hip accessories.

Haverstraatpassage 54
7511 EX Enschede

Despite the popularity of online shopping, brick-and-mortar stores are fighting back. What is a concept store? A concept store is retailers creating pleasurable experiences in-store, from feeling and handling products before purchase.It’s a lot like what I know of as a consignment shop, where back in the states many of my LP’s, clothing and furniture were bought and sold. Only the conceptstore is for existing businesses. Basically you as a business owner, rent a space to show off your products.  This increases the traffic to your webshop, site and or blog while at the same time giving your brand more publicity. It’s a fantastic way to display your merchandise for the public, because though we love shopping online we also like browsing in a shop. The concept store receives a small commission while doing the sales and marketing. It’s a win-win situation for many business owners, especially if you are a creativepeneur.

If you’re the customer you benefit from being able to see so many items in real life that you may not of seen online. There are so many creatives out there that are selling a wonderful, eclectic mix of original products.

Whether you’re the buyer, small business, or store owner of a concept shop everybody has something to gain.


Almost a year ago we moved to Enschede, and the time has flown by! We’re settling in nicely and are becoming more and more busy with the house. We had a day or two of nice weather which was enough to give me a kick start. Though freezing temperatures are expected (in May!) I am still quite excited about the projects we are working on for the garden.

I’ve also been finding the time to learn more about Enschede. I’ve seen some great shops, cafes and nature in this city in the east. One of the more interesting shops I’ve stumbled upon was The Upperside, which is located on Haverstraatpassage (#54).


If I could only use one word to describe The Upperside it would be AMAZING.


While I was inside I asked if I could take some photographs to share with you here on a Creative mess and they kindly said yes. In this post I’m sharing some of what I saw while browsing the shop with my daughter, Cierra. Some awesome creativepeneurs have their products on display. The items range from stationery, jewelry, home accessories to baby rompers. A wide range of trendy, hip and fun accessories and gifts.



If you are in the area I highly recommend this shop. For a list of businesses showing and selling their work at The Upperside, visit the participating list here.

If you’re hungry there is a trendy and tasty sandwich cafe a few doors down. The Broodbode. In the mood for something sweet? Try Mrs. Brown, the casual bakery over at Walstraat 8. I’ll be blogging soon about the stop we made there after a days shopping.

Thanks to the team at The Upperside for allowing me to take the pictures to share here.

And thank you for visiting!



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