vt wonen&design beurs 2018 || #ariadneathome || A Creative Mess

The Style House from Ariadne at Home

Ariadne at Home has been a favorite interior decorating magazine of mine since I first arrived in The Netherlands. While living in California I was a huge fan of Victoria magazine. It was difficult for me to leave my collection at home, and at the time internet wasn’t what it is now –so leaving those clippings behind was no easy task. They were a major source of inspiration for me and I cherished them. Now 23 years later I reflect on those days and feel joy knowing that both Ariadne at Home and their periodical special issueAlles Brocante once named me and my blog (Vintage Rose Brocante) a source of inspiration.

vt wonen&design beurs 2018 || #ariadneathome || A Creative Mess

A lot has changed, I know longer blog about Brocante (at least not exclusively). Ariadne at Home has a new editor, and production team (new? 2015 isn’t really new so *recent* maybe fits better?). I am happy to see that not only is the *new* Ariadne at Home still a leader in interior decorating –with it’s styled shoots, home viewings, and DIY sections they also have a line of products that are always on trend and most importantly it hasn’t lost the charm or character that us readers have come to expect. Their productions are fresh, trendy and on trend and their styled home at this years vt wonen&design beurs was once again a favorite of mine. The color palette was soft and warm –and the clothing I wore while visiting matched perfectly. I guess my fashion choices are on trend 😉 .


Here are some of my favorite things from the show home.


Crosley Cruiser, Reginox Faucet, Water Resistant Wall Paper, Ceramics, DIY, and the Sukha Tote Bag.

Stylists (that I know of) Marlies Does (IG) & Myla Griese (IG).

Here are the rest of my photo selections and the last ones below are from my daughter, Cierra.


Enjoy and hanks for stopping by ♥

XoXo, Micheile


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