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    A bitching title here

    A great story about you, what you do and what can be found on your blog. Oh, and let’s use Bob Ross Lorem Ipsum.

    I’m a water fanatic. I love water. This is truly an almighty mountain. No worries. No cares. Just float and wait for the wind to blow you around. It’s cold, but it’s beautiful. Put your feelings into it, your heart, it’s your world. Maybe he has a little friend that lives right over here.

    Maybe there’s a happy little waterfall happening over here. No pressure. Just relax and watch it happen. How do you make a round circle with a square knife? That’s your challenge for the day.

    • Personal

      Some Bob Ross lorem ipsum to make your day. Didn't you know you had that much power? You can move mountains. You can do anything.

    • My travels

      Bob Ross once said ``Just go out and talk to a tree. Make friends with it. You can get away with a lot.``

    • My books

      Bob ended by saying ``Use absolutely no pressure. Just like an angel's wing. Trees live in your fan brush, but you have to scare them out. Let's build an almighty mountain.``


    Thanks for viewing this example page from A Creative Mess.

    All images used on this page are from Annie Spratt.

    You can find her here.

    Annie Spratt

    and here.
    This page was made as a part of the blog post ‘
    finding the right stock photography for your projects‘.

    a day in the life of


    I love spending my days outdoors. In the garden, taking a long walk or travelling.

    self care and routine


    I'm a freelancer and spend many days alone. I still take the time everyday to make myself look presentable. It's so easy to think ``nobody is going to see me so who cares``. My advice to others would be: Do it for yourself, you are important.

    slow living

    why hurry all of the time?

    Take the time to enjoy the little things. Give yourself a break. As a freelancer I find it is important to plan in moments for myself.

    enjoy the beauty


    Using my camera I try to capture the the beauty in everything. It's important to embrace our surroundings and find the beauty in everyday moments.

    make time for


    Don't have enough time? More like haven't made time. DO IT! Plan in days to spend with family and friends.