the first steps in planning your wedding

Maybe your wedding is something you’ve dreamed about since you were a child, and you know exactly what you want. Or perhaps not, maybe for you it’s just about saying “I do”, and you have no idea what the next steps are.

I’d like to help you, even if you think you know what you want, you may not know all the options you have.

The days of weddings all looking the same are over. Your wedding should be unique, and designed just for you. This means you may have to learn to compromise on some of the ideas already had. I’m going to help you with that in a three step Pinterest guide. You’ll learn to define your style, and discover which elements you are leaning towards. With the final Pinterest board, you’ll be on your way to creating your wedding profile. This is something you and your vendors can always refer to while making choices down the line.

But first things first, Pin, Repin and Pin again!

Speaking from experience it is often the bride that wants it all, and that’s more than often too much. The idea that your wedding has got to look Pinterest worthy is often unrealistic for so many reasons.

Most of the images you see on Style Me Pretty, or other top wedding blogs are from weddings in the USA. Keep in mind that it is quite normal in the USA to take out a second mortgage for your wedding, which is why many say ###k it, we’re going to Vegas!

For one, it’s much more expensive there than it is here in The Netherlands. Liquor, locations, guests flying in from all over the country and a dress that is usually imported from Europe.

You could scroll for hours on Pinterest and see the most beautiful photo’s and details, in all styles, shapes and colors … and budgets. It is a great place for inspiration, so I recommend you start there. If you have already which I’m assuming you may have done even before you said ‘yes’, take the time to read this, because you need to take it to the next step.

Pinterest has tons of inspiration from all over the world. It is the best way to start gathering ideas but Pinterest has it’s downsides. Brides become obsessed with a Pinterest wedding, they mix styles and want way too much. You, I’m talking to the groom now, may not see the pretty details, you’re seeing $$, am I right? Hopefully the next steps will help things become more realistic. Now you, I’m talking to the bride now, don’t worry, with a big or small budget, your wedding can be gorgeous if you keep things realistic, pinpoint your needs and compromise a bit here and there.

It’s all about pinpointing your wishes. If you guys can do that, then you are a huge step closer to a less stressful wedding, one with happy memories and of course picture perfect photographs of the two of you laughing.

Three steps Pinterest Guide

letting go & new discoveries

It is time for your wedding, so forget traditions, wishes, and expectations from others, and maybe even from yourself. That idea that might have inspired you as a little girl, may no longer suit you as an adult. So learn to let it go, even if just at the beginning. I think once the two of you have done your research, found what you both like, what is available and what really gets you excited, you’ll be much -more happier.

step one:

Make secret boards on Pinterest, for yourself. Don’t share yet with others is my advice. Go crazy and pin! Make around 25-30 boards. The Dress, The Location, The Bouquet, The Decor, The Ceremony, The Bar, The Cake, Bridesmaids, Flowergirls… etcetera.

Tip. Don’t describe your style , but describe the elements of your style. Don’t say ‘vintage’, or bohemian because not everybody has the same description of those styles. Say instead for bohemian; wild flowers in your hair, floral dresses for the bridesmaids, and floral wreaths for the flower girls. If by vintage you mean a dress from the 1940’s, make sure you describe the dress and year. Many see vintage as retro, and or the 1920’s.

step two:

In step one you may have had unrealistic ideas, a wedding in winter and the dress you’ve picked was from a summer wedding in New Mexico. You want a beach ceremony and a barn style reception, with a really cool expensive DJ (even though only 30 people are attending). You’re going to now have to sift through the ideas and see which ones are going to work.

At this point it will start becoming obvious which season, colors, decorations
and atmosphere you are leaning towards.
I look at these four images and think, cocktails, beer, beach,
summer, outdoors, and fun with friends.

Things to consider are location, and time of the year. Be realistic and ask yourself if it is possible to ‘get the look’ without spending a fortune. If you’ve got a lot of money for your wedding, you are still going to have to be selective.

A small budget wedding where the philosophy is, less is more, can be much more beautiful than a wedding where the bride could buy all that her heart desired.

If everything is just bought and thrown together, your wedding won’t have harmony. It could quite possibly become hideous and you’ll realize you’ve spent a fortune, and end up disappointed with the results. The other way around is also possible, if you don’t start to become critical in your choices you’ll end up with regrets, no matter the size of your budget.

The photo shows a darling dress, with a bouquet of peonies.
If you are dreaming of a winter or fall wedding here in The Netherlands
you need to scrap this photo in the second step.

If you’re pinning locations with with scenery you cannot find where you are living, and a destination wedding isn’t an option. Ask yourself; What is that you like about the location? Could you find an alternative closer to home?

step three:

Curate your boards. You should end up with about 75-100 pins maximal at this stage. You are now pinning the mood-board for your wedding in this last step. The location, dress, hair, flowers and other details should show a harmonious, logistically possible picture of your wedding. They need to fit into your budget and make you happy.

You should now know the the details of your wedding. For example; your color palette, decor, bouquet and dress style. You should know the way you’d prefer your hair and make-up. At this stage you should also have the clothing style picked out for the entire wedding party. Plus, your cake, food and drinks will be down to a specific type.

Indoor or outdoor wedding? You should now know what type of location you want to look for, and since weather is in some places an issue, don’t overlook a rainy day alternative that will allow you to maintain the wedding style you’re seeking.

I recommend you share this final Pinterest board with the people close to you. This will give your ‘wedding team’ an idea of what to help you look for. By wedding team, I am referring to friends, family and or wedding planner.

In the next step I’ll help you in making a wedding profile. This will also be given to anybody involved in helping you with the wedding. For example finding vendors and locations.

I took the test, and this was my final board.

Keywords for this wedding.
Autumn, autumn palette, wood, greenhouse,
big bouquet & greenery.

Remember that you should make the wedding your own, so don’t copy all the ideas you’ve gathered on Pinterest. Your final Pinterest board will provide inspiration for you and your vendors to build on.

Keep in mind while making decisions, that you need to bring your wedding to life. The photographs will capture the memories for you. If you want memorable details in your photographs, you need to add details. A vase with a flower or two on a table might look pretty, but giving it extra detail will make for a more interesting photograph.

To find out more about creating a wedding profile and how to give your wedding details download my free brochure or read it online.

It’s available here.

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