stylish ideas for adding eye catchers in ordinary spaces

stylish ideas for adding eye catchers in ordinary spaces

Whether it’s your pots and pans or your straw hat, some things aren’t made to be placed in a cabinet. Show them off!

We’re busy with making changes to our kitchen and one of things we’ve got planned is a wall full of eye catchers. Not only things that are nice to look at but also the practical everyday items. Like our aprons and cutting boards. We also want to include art in our kitchen area. Also I like hanging flowers and plants from the walls and ceilings -looks great and the cats can’t get to them! I’ve got a shopping bag made of palm leaves that I adore and have used for years but it’s no longer usable. I’d like to upcycle it and hang it on the wall to display flowers and greenery. I’ll do that with fresh flowers -by adding a vase inside the bag or I could use dry flowers e.g. wheat, lavender or pampas grass.

We’re still brain storming over which wood to use and what mechanisms to add for hanging things. I like the idea of antique style nails and hooks as opposed to wooden dowels. We could always mix and match.

This photo from the Ariadne at Home showroom (2013) uses a metal hanging rack with nails. Also awesome, just not what we need in the kitchen because we love black together with wood ♥.

I love this from Ingstagram user @zevyjoy

Een bericht gedeeld door Annie (@zevyjoy) op

It’s a possibility we might combine it with rails like shown here below from Susanna Vento.

I love the idea of a hanging print. We’ve already got The Milkmaid (Het Melkmeisje) from Vermeer on wood to hang (purchased at Kwantum). Adding some prints each season will also give it some character. Glass photo frames would also look great. Add a recipe that has been passed on, a photo, or some pressed flowers.

Source: Artilleriet


So the top row will show some art, baskets and hanging plants. The middle section my palm bag with flowers and kitchen accessories we often use that are made to be seen ๐Ÿ˜‰ . The lower level will have the basics. The actual bag I use when going to the market as well as aprons and other everyday items used in the kitchen.


I absolutely love what Artilleriet The Kitchen in Gothenburg has done here below.

We started to paint earlier this week but it was simply to hot. The paint started getting thick and it was drying to fast. We’re using Flexa Expert wall paint which can be washed and in a kitchen like ours that’s a good thing. You’d be amazed at how far up the wall I can press garlic. When the weather gets a bit cooler we’ll get the wall finished. It’s a slow process for us but slow are not we’re loving our home.

As soon as the kitchen wall is finished I’ll post photographs from before and after.


Note: The wall is black and one hanging element has been placed, but we’re moving so I won’t be finishing any projects that we’ve started!

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