Stock Photography The Blog Issue Collection No.4 Feat. Emma Dau

Did you catch my post Launching a Website? Here’s Why You’ll Need Stock Photos? It will explain how these bundles can help you jumpstart your creativity and get your website demo online and looking amazing without having to spend hours searching for stock photos.



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As the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words. And you know why? Because the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text!

As your potential buyers could spend hours searching for their website, you as a developer will need to do the same to find amazing photographs for your project. My collections can help you. I also create collections on request so don’t hesitate to ask (I do it for free/fun!).

The types of demo posts and site imagery you’ll need if you’re showing e.g. a WordPress template are header/hero images, background images, blog post featured images, section images, parallax images, general images, & possibly images of people (team page, about page, author).



This stock photography collection “The Blog Issue Nr. 4”. It is part of a series of ready made collections containing 100% free to use stock images.

Today’s bundle contains 50 curated selections all from Unsplash contributor, Emma Dau (@daugirl). Basically you can use her entire feed. That’s the beauty of finding one photographer that contributes a large quantity of photographs. Using the same photographer throughout your theme or project creates continuity.


The Blog Issue Nr. 4


The Blog Issue Collection #4

This collection has once again been made with photo’s from the worlds most generous photographers over on Unsplash.

These photographs are completely free to use for whatever you want. Find out more here.




Emma Dau


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