Stock Photography The Blog Issue Collection 2 - a creative mess
A neutral stock photography bundle for your website, templates, branding or home.
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Stock Photography The Blog Issue Collection 2

Did you catch my last post Launching a Website? Here’s Why You’ll Need Stock Photos? It will explain how these bundles can help you jumpstart your creativity and get your website demo online and looking amazing without having to spend hours searching for stock photos.


First a personal note. This has been a busy few weeks! Helping the in-laws move into their new home. Lot’s of packing, painting and trips to IKEA. Also I’ve been working on some projects such as a photo album template, a web demo and photo projects. I recently went through some of my own photography and decided to upload a few to Unsplash and managed to get quite a few of them onto the editorial page ♥. They’ve also featured one of my photographs in one of their curated collections ‘Current Events‘ (what lessens one of us, lessens all of us). So busy and exciting things that are happening and the things that are coming.


We’re also in the process of planning our move to the west coast of The Netherlands (we live now in The Netherlands on the German border). I’ve got a stack of Flexa paint waiting to be used in our new home (was for our current home but I don’t want to paint knowing we’re leaving). It’s so exciting but I’ll admit it makes me a bit nervous, that said I can’t wait to be living in a big city again. Our hopes are set on Rotterdam. It really is the city for us. I’m looking forward to finding a photography class so I can improve my skills because honestly I don’t know what half the functions on the camera are for! My daughter is moving to Amersfoort which is one of the most charming cities in ‘Holland’. So expect many city and typical ‘Dutch’ photos on my Unsplash page!

I’ve still found time to add some posts here, including this stock photography collection “The Blog Issue Nr. 2” . It is part of a series of ready made collections containing 100% free to use stock images.

Today’s bundle contains 45 curated selections all from Unsplash contributors.


The Blog Issue Nr. 2


The Blog Issue Collection #2

This collection has once again been made with photo’s from the worlds most generous photographers over on Unsplash.

These photographs are completely free to use for whatever you want. Find out more here.



Lasse MøllerAnnie SprattRizky SubagjaRizky Subagja

Samuel ZellerEmile-Victor PortenartKrisztian TaboriSarah Dorweiler

Yousef EspaniolyNathan DumlaoDavid IskanderRoberto Delgado Webb

Amy FerrisAleksander VladRyan StefanMax van den Oetelaar

Andrew SpencerDaiga EllabyChimene Gasparrawpixel

Dani RendinaClever VisualsSweet Ice Cream PhotographyRizky Subagja

Jean-Philippe DelbergheKevin GrieveVika FleisherAndrik Langfield

Francis DuvalHeather SchwartzJames BalensiefenRizky SubagjaAlex HolyoakeSTIL

To find more of my curated collections browse here.

Enjoy! XoXo Micheile

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