Stock Photography Bundle: Interior / Home Decor #1 - a creative mess
A neutral stock photography bundle for your website, templates, branding or home.
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Stock Photography Bundle: Interior / Home Decor #1

Today I’m sharing a selection of 20 free high quality interior / home decor stock photographs.

I’ve curated this collection using photographs from the photographers sourced below (via Unsplash). This time I’ve included three of my own photographs πŸ™‚
The links below will take you to each photographers page where you can download these images and also get to know the photographers and their work.

I’ve added the photographs into a collection which can be found here. These photographs are completely free to use for whatever you want. Find out more here.

Scroll to view the photographs and to get some inspiration for using them!


Examples of using a stock photograph in social media templates & catalogs.

my own stock photography is also included in this bundle



Kara Eads β€’ Marten Bjork β€’ Konrad Hulak β€’ Dmitriy Nushtaev β€’ Micheile Henderson β€’ Christopher Burns β€’ Jake Campbell β€’ Bruno van der Kraan β€’ Hutomo Abrianto β€’ Sylwia Pietruszka β€’ Logan Nolin β€’ Benjamin Voros β€’ Kara Eads β€’ Marten Bjork β€’ β€’


To find more of my curated collections browse here.


Enjoy! XoXo Micheile

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