H&M Home 2019 Collection Natural Ease

Spring Home Collection from H&M || Natural Ease

Today I’m going to share my favorites with your from the H&M collection ‘Natural Ease’.

Inspired by Mother Nature

Natural Ease, the spring collection contains rich tones of green, terracotta and sand along with linen and vivid leaf prints.

a favorite trend at the moment is gallery walls


The name says it all really don’t you think?

The soft greens combined with the natural tones and materials are fresh and embracing. I think it captures those first days of spring feelings. When the breeze has a warmth in it and the flower bulbs are coming up. It reminds me of the first shades of color return after a winters rest. The prints framed with natural wood, white and black hung on sandy and tinted grey walls. The whites and sand colors keeping it all calm and serene.  This collection is clean, crisp and at the same time soft and inviting.

New home = new direction

Natural Ease, the new collection from H&M fits into our new direction because it has many elements that were also part of our previous home. Think of botanical, wood and other natural materials. We had wanted to replace our white IKEA tableware for a mix up of ceramics and now we will be doing that. A mix and match of earth tones ranging from sand and rocks to terracotta. I’m looking forward to dinners on the rooftop terrace this spring & summer.

another trend favorite –ceramics, seagrass and gold accents

A big difference is with this seasons trends and the look we had in our previous home is the combination of darker and lighter woods. Our previous home looked really good with grey tones, black walls and darker woods –all surrounded by an urban jungle. Our new apartment I think would look better with a lighter color wood added and more whites and sand colors. Still with greens, botanical prints and natural materials but less heavier than we have had it in the past. The lighter colors will be complimented with the shadows in the living spaces coming from all of the gorgeous sunlight coming in. A nice perk of living on the 7th floor with no high buildings in the front or the back is the natural sunlight we have. This collection for me has the right mix of wood shades –light and dark combined with a mix of dark and fresh colors. It’s going to be easy adding these additions to our home.


Spring Clean

The collection is clean, and inspiring. Don’t you think? It makes me want to open all the windows and let in the fresh air.



Though the overall feeling is light and airy the collection is varied and contains items that blend in well with a moody wall or room. My personal work-space and room is painted in Spiced Honey  from Flexa and the accessories from this collection would look gorgeous with the overall feeling to the room and because I’m planning on using combining natural materials and keeping the walls in the office space white with an almost black blue shade (Royal Blue).

I’m eyeing these to style my personal room


Some of my favorites from the collection


Thanks for visiting. Do you have any favorites out of the collection or any other interior trends that you’re crushing on?


Next post will be an update and thoughts on our new home and city! Enjoy your weekend!






This wasn’t a sponsored post fyi. 

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