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Søstrene Grene Outdoor Living 2019

March 28th,

Mark this date in your calendar.

The new outdoor collection from Søstrene Grene will be launched on the 28th of March. Here on A Creative Mess I can show you some of the new dreamy collection.

This new collection is harmonious and full of fun colors. It contains everything you’ll need to relax in the garden while enjoying the summer sun and good food with friends –’hygge’.

The products include for example colorful flower pots, vases and balcony plant containers as well as spring flowers. It also contains cushions, quilts, blankets and other accessories to keep you comfortable.  And for the very first time the collection contains outdoor games. A hula hoop and swings for the little ones.


Dream away on a hammock, invite your friends over for a picnic or organize a summer party with games in the garden. The sisters Anna and Clara want you do create and enjoy every moment of the season.


I’ve already spotted some great places to picnic here in Rotterdam and this collection has everything we’ll need. Our new rooftop terrace is going to need some new accessories (it’s still empty) and I’m looking forward to having some plants and other items to make it cozy. Good times ahead!


If you’re anything like me you’re looking forward to spring time entertaining –Easter, Mother’s Day and any other reason for a party, brunch or breakfast. Here’s a video from Anna and Clara with tips on how to Lay the table with a loving thought…

Do you have any favorites in the collection?

I’ve also written about the Spring 2019 Home Collection from Søstrene Grene.

P.S. our floor is finally being delivered today. We’ve been living two months with a cement floor and the dust is started to get to us! I’ll share pics of the transformation here in our new flat.

Hope you have a nice day. Thanks for stopping by.


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