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Danish Interior with Budget Prices


Søstrene Grene opened today in Enschede (where I live… I blogged about it here). It’s a 15 minute bike ride from my house so I might be visiting often to see what’s new 🙂 They are constantly adding new products to their collection which means I’m probably going to visit the store quite often.

My daughter and I went together and went through once without a basket and the second trip through the shop was to make some purchases. Nothing too much, just a few items but I’m going back with my boyfriend for some shelves and because we need a few things for the new house.

The opening couldn’t of been on a better day this week. The sun was shining and it was a gorgeous autumn day, therefore a perfect day for going to the city. The red carpet was out and the staff was handing out canvas bags. We’re really happy that Anna and Clara decided to open up a shop here in Enschede.

The placemats we’re under a €1,- and the bags of tea you can fill up for just over €1,-

The Christmas Catalog is full of wish list items for me. We don’t actually do gifts on Christmas but I’m thinking we can start 😉

Have a good weekend everyone!


teresa Micheile

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