A few weeks ago I saw on Facebook that Seiger Wonen, in Oldenzaal was going to open a ZUIVER showroom in their store. I’m a huge fan of ZUIVER so I wanted to go for sure. So when I commented that I was going, I also mentioned that I’d like to take pictures for my blog if they wouldn’t mind. Seiger Wonen not only didn’t mind but they asked if I’d be interested in organize something for bloggers. Before I knew it there was a bloggers meet-up! A special thanks to the ladies at Bloggerscafé Oost for helping us find bloggers to attend.

Together with around ten more like-minded interior junkies we gathered and did what bloggers do, we took photographs, talked and took more photographs. A spokesperson from ZUIVER came to tell us about the brand ZUIVER and how it came to be what it is today. To my surprise, the brand Dutchbone is from ZUIVER. The two interior design brands are at the top of my interior label crush list.

The showrooms at Seiger Wonen for the two brands are directly next to each other. I went for ZUIVER but couldn’t help taking tons of photographs from the Dutchbone section. The two are different but have some of the same key qualities. Those being, well designed trendy products that are affordable for design, and they are in stock.

ZUIVER is Nordic Design -Dutch Design, Scandinavian, with clean lines, minimal and practical, whilst Dutchbone is more raw, old world, vintage with warmer colors.

Our hosts were Seiger Wonen, which is a family run business that is well established in Oldenzaal. Side note; Oldenzaal is referred to as ‘de glimlach van Twente’, which translated means the smile of Twente (name of the area in this part of The Netherlands).

Seiger provided us with refreshments and snacks, plus an opportunity to take photographs before the doors opened for the public. They also arranged for two speakers. One I mentioned earlier from ZUIVER, and one hell of an inspirational woman that together with her father is behind k’willem in huis. I’m going to be posting separately about their story and inspirational designs soon.

Thanks Seiger Wonen + ZUIVER for making the meet-up possible.

Were you one of the bloggers at today’s meet-up? If you’ve posted about the event please leave the link here below in the comments section. Always fun to share, don’t you think? I’m also curious as to how you experienced the afternoon!

Below are some photographs my daughter, Cierra and I took at the event. It is a mix of ZUIVER and Dutchbone. Also my wishlists from the two brands can also be found below.

Enjoy, and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

xoxo Micheile


Two classics from ZUIVER, the Albert Kuip armchair + the Round Wall mirror.

These Navigator pendant lamps are on my wishlist. Along with at least 80% of their collection.


Enschedesestraat 86,
7575 AC Oldenzaal
Phone0541 513 344

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