A Seaside Garden in The Suburbs of Enschede

A Seaside Garden in The Suburbs of Enschede

A Seaside Garden in The Suburbs

our garden make-over part one

For months we were trying to figure out what to do with the garden. It had a ‘driveway’, something that resembled grass and large stone tiles that were weathered and not in such great shape. We considered grass, and for a long while contemplated on pebbles -decorative stones but we were not so excited with what we found.

We almost ordered Gravier d’or aka dolomiet, but reading reviews had us thinking it wasn’t such a good idea. It looks great. Just look at this photograph from vtwonen.

 Gravier d’or aka dolomiet (via vtwonen!)

Leonie Mooren | Fotografie Barbara Kieboom

The reviews are mixed, with many claiming that you end up with it all over the house, even after it has gotten a bit hard over time. We have a lot of black in our home, also wood and black cats… we have enough to keep clean, so decided not to take a chance with something like this, even though we love the look.

So how do we get a Mediterranean look without this type of garden floor? Shells. I did some research and found that they are perfect for the garden… at least for us. If you have small children I get that this is not something you use to cover almost the entire garden surface with! For us though it was perfect. We still have a terrace on stone tiles, which we will tackle another year by replacing the grey tiles! That is the area we sit the most, but where you will see the white wooden table, is almost always in the shade, which makes it great for dinners when the temperatures are high. I’ve even sat there with the laptop and used the area as an office when it was so hot outside. Our house doesn’t stay cool, so an outdoor escape is much needed on some days in the summer.

Because we have lived here a while, we know what areas we use the most and what our wishes were for each area. So as time went by during our first year here, we knew when we came upon shells that we had found our new garden floor. Next step? Which shells to order and from where? While doing my research I discovered there are many types of shells, and types of mixes you can order. We were looking for something decorative, and not trying to make a path or a driveway, so we went with these shells from Gadero. In our photo’s they look darker because of the rain! The first few days, we smelt the sea… maybe now too but this cold I have is preventing me from smelling much of anything!

Gadero has free delivery for the ‘big bags’ and we had them within three days! The colors matched the sample they had sent earlier and we’re quite happy with our choice!

So this is part one of the make-over!

Here are the before pics that were taken when we first looked at the house!

We removed the ‘grass’, the stones and evened the garden out and added a root cloth to hold off the weeds for as long as possible.

Here are some pics of it when we were finished with the shells. So no styling, and the pallets from the shells are still there as well as other items that aren’t usually in the garden. Still you get an idea of it. Also it was raining so the shells are wet. When they are dry they are so much lighter!

The garden is not finished, we have plans for a wooden deck where you now see the small bistro chairs and table on stones. It will be our little place to relax when we drink coffee in the evenings (it’s the bit of garden that has the last bit of sun in the evenings). We’re going to add large poles in pots to hang our outdoor lighting, and as I said before the remaining grey stone tiles will be replaced. Then there is the styling and some more plants!

It will be next year before I come back with a part two. However the outdoor lighting d.i.y. will be online soon. We’re throwing a big dinner party here in a few weeks so we will be needing the festive lights in the garden!

I’ll be back soon with some more color inspiration from Flexa, and the color of the year for 2018. Oh, and of course the vt wonen&design beurs is just around the corner and of course we’ll be there taking photographs!

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a good week!

xoxo Micheile

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