Pinterest. For me it’s about providing inspiration + finding it

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Pinterest. For me it’s about providing inspiration + finding it

Pinterest \\ Inspiration. Giving it and Sharing it.

Pinterest has been a huge source of inspiration for me. Not only gathering it, hours of visual eye candy. But it’s more than just gathering new ideas + tips. It has inspired me to up my game. My blog, my home and my personal life. It’s not so much that I think ‘Oh, I need to have everything look so perfect ‘Pinterest worthy’, it’s more like ‘hey, I have a ton of ideas and feel like I can be contributing in some way’.

I joined Pinterest through an invitation some time around 2010 / 2011. I think it was because I had so many followers on my Tumblr, which I later discovered had images that were spread all over Pinterest. I accepted my invitation but at first didn’t do so much with it, that was until I started following the right people and pinning became easier to do with the pin plugin on the Chrome browser.

Pinterest keeps making changes to the platform. Some I like, some I don’t, this is all down to the user experience. I for example don’t like that on the iPhone app I cannot see the text or the pinner. So if for example you see a recipe, but don’t see that it is sugar free, and you have a board so you can gather sugar free recipes, you most likely will skip something assuming it’s not sugar free even though the text for the pin is ‘Sugar Free’. I’m not sure why they removed that unless it was just for aesthetics.

They took away likes, which really ticks me off. I like my boards to be tidy, visually pleasing so I pin what I consider ‘pins gone wrong’ that have a good tip, but look hideous on private boards. I liked pins that I was happy to see on Pinterest, I liked pins that came from my website and I liked pins sometimes not enough to actually pin. Now all of my favorites aren’t visible. So yeah, this one I don’t agree with.

Still I love Pinterest. I’m a mega fan and use it almost daily. I like to go online in the evenings or browse when needing a dose of inspiration for a project. It does for creativity what coffee does for me in the morning. If you’re not a coffee addict you may think I’m bonkers, but really, seriously, I need at least two cups before I even give a shit about what is going on in the world. When I see good pins, it’s like a shot of adrenaline going through me and the creative process kicks in on days when I’m not feeling ‘it’


Not only do I use Pinterest for ideas, inspiration, I like too share with others. I share what I see, and I share what I make. That’s the true beauty of Pinterest. I’ve had so many friends tell me that they were inspired by something on my pin boards. So sharing is for me the most fun.

I’ve won a few prizes using Pinterest as well. Twice from a Dutch building supply chain, KARWEI, and once through FLEXA. I’ve won over €350 in total! Gift cards and or gift packages. I also had a major giveaway with my former blog, Vintage Rose Brocante. International judges and a Dutch dishware site gave away two €50 prizes.

Dutch magazines, Ariadne at Home + Margriet have listed me as people to follow.


Thanks for stopping by. I’d love it if you left a comment with your Pinterest link!

Do you have a favorite Pinner? If so let me know below 🙂

xoxo Micheile

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