Parma & Sun-dried Tomato Pizza Wrap

Parma & Sun-dried Tomato Pizza Wrap 

Table for two.

On warm summer days I enjoy eating outside in the garden with a cold beverage. I love cooking with fresh seasonable vegetables but don’t enjoy spending so much time in the kitchen on those days when the temperature is rising.

Usually I cook for two; my boyfriend en I. I don’t like when I have to throw food away because it’s gone bad so I try to just purchase and cook what I think we’ll eat. I strive to use all that I’ve got in the fridge. We often eat Mexican food and have tortilla’s over from our taco’s, fajita’s and other recipes requiring tortilla’s. It’s fun trying to find new ways of using them. One way is pizza!

Tortilla Pizza with Parma Ham, sun-dried tomato paste & cherry tomatoes; a recipe that is easy to adapt. If you’ve got leftovers like mushrooms, bell peppers and or any other ingredient you’d normally like on a pizza this is a chance for you to use them. Be creative with your combinations! This recipe is uncomplicated to make, requires little prep and only 10 minutes in the oven.

You’ll need

oven – baking tray – baking paper – knife and or scissors for cutting


two flour tortilla’s – four tablespoons of sun-dried tomato paste – 13 grams of mozzarella – around six slices of Parma Ham torn into pieces – 200 grams of cherry tomatoes cut into thirds or halves depending on the size – olive oil – dried oregano – freshly cut oregano – freshly cut basil


– preheat your oven -> 220°C/Convection Oven 200°C/gas 7
– line baking tray with baking paper
– place tortilla’s on the baking paper
– divide the tomato paste over the two tortilla’s
– scatter the cherry tomatoes and freshly cut herbs over the tortilla’s
– divide the Parma Ham over the tortilla’s
– divide the mozzarella over the tortilla’s by pulling it apart (make sure it has been drained first)
– sprinkle each tortilla with olive oil
– scatter the dried oregano over the pizza’s
– Bake for approximately ten minutes

Serve with a salad. I made mine using fresh white peaches, fresh strawberries and a mustard & dill sauce.

This recipe is simple & minimal and delicious to eat. Adapt it to your liking and let me know what you think of it!

xoxo Teresa Micheile

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