Growing up our garden smelt of lilacs every Spring, and that’s why I always think of home when I smell them. I grew up in Sonoma, California where our spring garden was all about lilacs and summers all about grapes. My parents were chain smokers so I can’t really say they remind me of our home, however they do remind me of the garden. Our garage and pool area were surrounded by lilacs, the soft violet color, no white or dark purple, just the soft violet variety. They adorned the fences, pergolas and white wooden garage walls and crept inside my fathers work-space.


The smell of lilacs crept poignantly into the room like a remembered spring.
-Margaret Millar”


Syringa Vulgaris
The scientific name for the common lilac is Syringa Vulgaris, which sounds like a wizards spell right out of Hogwarts. Don’t you think?

Our garden doesn’t have a lilac bush… not yet at least, but we have decided on buying a few, and with luck I can find somebody who has some. Anyone who has lilacs knows that they eventually start to pop up around the surrounding area. Just dig them up and replant them (with a lot of water in the beginning). It has always taken two years for them to bloom is my experience. Haha if you live in the Enschede area and have some seedlings I wouldn’t mind digging them out for you! I have no plants as of yet to share but I do like to bake =)

In this post you’ll find two videos, one I shot in my previous garden which was jam packed with seasonal flowers. The other is in my previous home and garden. They were the first two videos I had ever shot. I’ve gotten better at it and have some videos in the making to add soon so you’ll be able to compare!


xoxo Micheile


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