Illustration and Poster Set Bundle #01

Time is flying by! Are you all enjoying the fall season as much as I am? I can imagine that the weather is can be very different depending on where you’re at. Here in The Netherlands the sun has been shining just about everyday so far, and I love the autumn sun more than any other! It’s magical –cozy, warm and the autumn colors really look stunning with that sunshine! Yesterday we decided to go take a family trip to Edinburgh and while looking up ‘things to do in Edinburgh’ I discovered some gorgeous photographs of the fall colors in the city and in the Scottish Highlands. I hope we’ll get lucky and find some leaves on the trees. We’re going NEXT fall, in November but had to start making some arrangements  –scoring tickets for Tim Minchin at the Playhouse Theatre. His shows are selling out fast!

Any trips for Edinburgh? We’ve never been, in fact a layover in Glasgow in 1993 was the only time I’ve been to Scotland and I don’t think it counts because we weren’t allowed off the plane! All tips are welcome! I’ve started a Edinburgh pin board (of course I did!) to gather reading info. and with a year to prepare we should be prepared, still we’d love to hear about your Scotland adventures!

Further it’s been quite busy here. My daughter is moving soon (date??), and my in-laws are moving as well so we’re going to be quite busy. I don’t mind at all though! I’ve got an incredible amount of healthy energy. The time is flying by though!  I’m still working on editing photo’s from the design expo I went to earlier this week, and they’ll be online soon. I’m going to be starting on the Ariadne at Home pics 😉

I really wanted to create something for the shop. I’ve been so busy with other things I haven’t posted any new freebies in months.

These cards  & posters are a fun set for you to print, give away, hang or place on a clip-board for a place on the wall or shelf. You can slap a stamp on one and send it off to a friend. They can be used for many end uses.

They are available as a .pdf in the shop, here.


I hope you enjoy them ♥

XoXo Micheile

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