Holiday Gift Card Set Two


Holiday Gift Card Set 2

With just a few weeks before Christmas, it’s time to get those cards in the mail. Our first card arrived today, and our card isn’t ready yet for printing… I’m still not sure which design I want to send this year.

I’ve made in total, 75 cards, and a template for A Creative Mess! Last week the template, and the 50 card set went online, and as promised some more designs. Set two is available! Free holiday card printables to help you out this season. This set is much different than set one. More crisp, and clean. There are cards in the set for businesses as well as personal use. They’re for individuals, couples, families, businesses, bloggers, makers and creators!

Below are previews of the cards available in the shop (free!!).


Christmas/Holiday Printable Card Set

50 variations (with and without white frame)

I hope you enjoy them!







They can be downloaded in the shop!

Holiday Card Printable Set Two

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