Goodbye Facebook

Goodbye Facebook

First off thank you to those that liked my Facebook page. Some of you liked it when it was all about Brocante and Vintage, and some of you have recently liked the new blog. Some of you may not even remember when or why you liked it! For whatever the reason, you liked it and that made my day, so thanks!

Facebook. Where I started coming to catch up with childhood friends, rivals and family members. It’s where I now go to check on local activities, workshops and news updates from my favorite local shops and businesses. It has helped me grow my blog and provided me with a platform to share information (ahem). Unfortunately I just can’t remain there couldn’t remain. It gives me the same feeling I get when I step into a Primark. There is something very wrong with it —and many will argue they are both Facebook and Primark are inexpensive and convenient. I could say there is something morally corrupt about both. We’ll have our own reasons for staying, or remaining on Facebook. Below I explain why I am leaving I with external links to articles about Facebook that support my arguments.

I’m leaving I left Facebook. I will be deleting the account that is connected to this page. I’ve deleted all of my profiles, including my page for this blog. This is something that I’ve wanted to do for quite a while. I have had 2.269 likes on this page so part of me is like… but I have loyal followers!

In all honesty I get at most one like per post, and not even friends and family leave comments. So why would I stay on a platform that is so morally corrupt if it doesn’t even seem to *connect* with people following? I can’t consider anything I blog about genuine if I’m using Facebook to promote it. The same could (and should) be said about Instagram. I’m keeping that account, so a bit of a double standard, right? Yes. But for starters Instagram isn’t feeling my feed with conspiracy theories.

Some of the things I think we should keep in mind about Facebook.

Facebook allows companies to select categories when placing advertisements. Logical, right? The thing is they allow you to select on groups that for example ‘show a dislike for *insert race, religion or sex*’. That has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with Free Speech. It’s discrimination.


Realtors can hide listed property advertisements from *insert race, religion or sex*. So if realtors that wanted to exclude for example; Latinos from seeing new listings in certain neighbourhoods (excluding being a euphemism for discrimination), which is against federal law! Facebook not only allowed this, but promoted it as a feature.

I know many of you think ‘who cares‘, or ‘you know what you signed up for’ but that is not true. In fact it’s a terrible argument because if you could keep up with the wrong doings (law breaking even) of Facebook’s activities your jaw would drop.

So why we see, read and hear how Mark Zuckerberg apologizes to congress for the umpteenth time, it’s important to remember that Facebook’s leaking user data isn’t new or an accident.

For example, refer to the ‘Evolution of Privacy’ infographic to see how in 2009, Facebook changed default privacy settings to make public profile information that was previously only available within Facebook’s walled garden:

Let’s go to one year later, Facebook ‘Instant Personalization’ would automatically send your profile information to ‘partner websites’.

There was that time in 2010 that researcher Pete Warden scraped 210 million Facebook profiles, initially without any criticism.

Researcher Ron Bowes, scraped name, profile address, and FB_ID’s for 100 million Facebook users.

Let’s go to 2011 when a new dating website ( scraped 250,000 Facebook profiles to seed their dating network?

Facebook data was widely used by Data Brokers which Facebook knew about. For example, Rapleaf (now Tower Data) let you query for user’s information using FB_IDs (Facebook profile IDs).

Plus the data transfer that happens every time you login to any site using a Facebook button. That feature is still available to developers today with very little oversight.

There is also the Facebook Pixel. You don’t even see a Facebook like button on the page, but Facebook is there. They are collecting all you do.

They are tracking users ‘offline’ — for example, monitoring their purchase behavior, without the consumers knowledge.

Even the The Guardian reporting over Facebook data collection uses trackers from Facebook (58 tracking services in all).


It isn’t just Facebook information they are collecting. They collect the information on your phone that doesn’t pertain to Facebook users, or FB friends. They not only know how long you’ve spoken with your Dr. but they know which dates.

So *opt out of Facebook*, or *you should not of signed up* arguments? For one, we didn’t get what we signed up for. Furthermore some people don’t even have the option. If you’ve never had Facebook your calling logs with people who do are stored on their servers —unless you are really rare! For example your friend doesn’t have Facebook. You do. So that data on his calls with you is logged. Your friend didn’t sign up for this. Also many telephones come with Facebook pre-installed and don’t allow the option of removing the FB app. You are stuck with it. So let’s not use redundant arguments.

Just recently it was reported that Facebook began speaking with hospitals last year about the possibility of matching anonymized user profiles with health data in an effort to improve medical care. Facebook has confirmed this, and has put the idea *on hold*.

So no, this isn’t new, and don’t believe Mark Zuckerberg when he says he’s surprised that “they didn’t do enough” —

Facebook has known about this privacy shit show for a long time – they refer to it internally as their ‘business model’.

Want to see what Facebook has on you (at a minimum)?

1. Goto
2. Click “Download a copy of your Facebook data”
3. Wait for automatic email from Facebook
4. Download the ZIP file link in the email
5. Extract it and open ‘html/index.htm

I haven’t even brought up Cambridge Analytica or the ties Mark has with members of congress. Did you watch any of yesterdays *testimony*? He wasn’t sworn in. I wonder how many of the 44 Congress Members are willing to put the rhetoric into action and stop using Facebook to target their 2018 congressional election campaign ads?  

They all benefit from the Facebook data collection and targeting as well.

My sources for this  The Verge, WebTap (, Wired, Ashkan Soltani, BitsBlogs (NYT), Fast Company, Popsugar, The Guardian and Matt McKeon

Note: Google, and other companies are also a problem. That’s a conversation to have as well, we’ll just have to have it elsewhere after 20:00 this evening.

Here’s a Dutch video with English translations. At 20:00 (8 PM) this evening +/- 31,000 accounts are expected to be deleted. Mine too.

Goodbye Facebook.


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