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It’s been some months since my last freebie post. This one I thought I’d share with you today is part of my own search for the perfect card for this holiday season. Usually I have a thousand and one ideas, but this year I’m forcing it! I’ll get there, and one thing that will help me get there is playing around in Photoshop like I did today with these card templates.

This template is available with a layered .PSD file for Photoshop. Not all of the examples are exactly like the layer presets. For each photo I used, I adjusted the gold dust layers, the textured text layers, and for a few also the opacity of the photograph.

I’ve made a small video showing you how to add textures to your text layers, as well as how to turn your photos or graphics to patterns. See below for the tutorials. I’ve also included a video about creating, and using smart objects with Photoshop.

The font I used is free, and you’ll find information on it below, in the downloadable file as well. You’ll also find the links to where I purchased the textures I used. There are also plenty of online sources that provide free textured files, such as gold, silver… et cetera.

The text is fully editable. I’ve just chosen two popular holiday sayings. Feel free to add names, or your own favorite wording. You can also add, or remove the drop shadow effect. The textured text will most likely look strange, or give you an error message (you’ll need to create textured layers <- see my tutorials below) You can change the font, I myself find it frustrating when I find a template and in order to ‘get the look’ I have to purchase another font. Don’t get me wrong I love fonts, and I’m good at finding alternatives, still free is better for free downloads i.m.o.

NOTE: You must be experienced in Photoshop to be able to edit these files. It may be possible by using GIMP, which is an open source editing program, that is in some ways similar to Photoshop, however, I don’t have any experience with it.

Keep reading though… I’m offering free custom card making (for as long as I can keep up!). Also this week an entire set of cards containing gorgeous photographs, with holiday wording in beautiful, and complimenting fonts will be available for free.

Here’s a small preview!



I used gold dust that I purchased on Creative Market, as well as gold foiled backgrounds, also purchased on Creative Market. For some examples I also used the Pretty Textures Kit, from Blog Pixie.

The Gold Foil Essentials + Bonus, by Pink Coffie.

Gold Dust Glitter Effects, by Studio Denmark.

The images used were taken from Unsplash, where you too can download free unlimited use stock photography. You can find some of my collections here. My Holiday collection is here, and continuously being updated!

The font used in the project is called Frutilla Script, and is from Ian Mikraz , and can be downloaded for free on Befonts.

A how to video on adding textures to your text layers

A how to video on creating smart objects and using them.

Just a little note. I’ve created some cards and am making some more for those of you who don’t have or know how to use Photoshop.

I’ve created the cards using some of my favorite fonts, and some gorgeous stock photography. The set will be online this week and available in the shop, and as always for free!

If you send me a photograph, with wording I can make you a card (free of charge). Disclaimer: if I get an enormous amount of requests I’ll have to stop with this offer. Also I’ll only do a few edits, so orientate yourself online about the style you’d like and let me know from the get go! At the moment though, I’m finding myself a bit bored and feel like I’m wasting away. I’ll post about that soon too (it’s not so bad as it might imply).

So you’ve heard it! Please give me the size of the card you’ll need, the wording, as well as the photo. Check Unsplash, Pexels and or Kaboompics for gorgeous free stock photography. Creative Market also has some great options, for a reasonable price!

I have my cards printed here in The Netherlands via HEMA. They also do the posting if you’d like. I’m sure you know of or can easily figure out where the best place is for ordering / printing your cards. If you like printing at home, go for it! I always get a bit frustrating trying to print large amounts of anything at home, so always get this done elsewhere. Here in Enschede, Ricoh is the best!!!!!!!!!!!

Feel free to message me for any questions.


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