This Weeks Four Favorite D.I.Y. Ideas for Weddings

Four Favorite D.I.Y. Ideas for Weddings

We’re right in the middle of the wedding season, and I haven’t posted anything about weddings in ages. However, because I know somebody close to me that is getting hitched I’ve become inspired to blog more about weddings, and especially wedding d.i.y. projects.

I’m going to share with you today four of my favorites (I have tons). Every week I’ll post four more, so that I can share with you all of the awesome ideas that are out there for the romantic, yet trendy ‘new bride’.

Today I have a project from my daughter and I, plus three that I’ve found online I want to share with you. Not all of them are just for weddings, for everyday and entertaining as well as wedding.

I hope you enjoy them ♥

xoxo Micheile


Create eye catching place cards in minutes

This is a simple and easy d.i.y. project that you could let one of your helpers do the day before or morning of the wedding. Depending on what greens you use you could do it even earlier.

Find someone with good penmanship and invite them over and practice with them. You can convey your wishes while enjoying each others company. Take a photo of the result you want so that when your big day comes you’ll be prepared and nobody will have to ask you about them. I’m going to come back on this, the planning of a d.i.y. wedding.

Cierra, my daughter wrote on these apple leaves and also took the photographs.


This is a beautiful d.i.y. gift wrapping idea.

Looking for a unique way to wrap your wedding favors? Let this inspire you! You can customize the style to your wedding theme. Use your imagination on this one!

The d.i.y. can be found on Once Wed, here.

Tutorial by: Simone LeBlanc | Photography: Nancy Neil 

Upcycle / Bouquet d.i.y. Hack

I like this one because it is simple and easy for those of you that don’t have florist experience.
I was a florist for years and would recommend this for those of you that want mason jars as part of your decorations.

You can start on these early. Start collecting jars, nets and then add the flowers that way you’d like them, photograph the steps and then place them into a box (jars, net and instruction photo’s). This way you can assign this task to someone that asks ‘What can I do to help?’, you can point to the box and flowers and without spending a ton of time explaining and the person doesn’t need to be a florist.

This bouquet d.i.y. hack can be found here.



create your own aisle marker with a set of simple vines. Here jasmine is used for it’s delicate nature, but any vine or flowering branch would also look beautiful. Enjoy!

This post came from Once Wed, and the full tutorial can be found here.

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