Food Truck Revolution

Food Truck Revolution?

Food Truck Revolution? Slightly exaggerated, but they are a big deal, and it’s a trend I’m crushing on.

Two summers ago I attended a music festival, that has sadly come to an end, The Amsterdam Woods Festival. Next to great music, there was also great food, and beer. Oh and let’s not forget the coffee, coffee matters. My boyfriend would most likely giggle at this part of the read. Short story, a coffee vendor said he couldn’t provide sugar or cream for his coffee because it would ruin it. Tried making me feel guilty just for asking. Same guy had mayonnaise with his fries and the irony wasn’t lost on me. Luckily there was an even better coffee vendor that didn’t snub me for asking for sugar —Dikke Bertha

Back to the food truck trend. It’s not new, not by far but the thing is it doesn’t seem to be going away. One could say they are revolutionizing the way we eat food (hence the blog title). Are they here to stay? I most certainly hope so! 

Photo Credit: @bubblebrosofficial IG

Note: this post was from earlier this year on another blog that is no longer online. I can’t believe I never posted it here as well!

Just this past summer here in Enschede, we visited the Food Truck Festival TREK. I blogged about it here. We had a really great time, and the atmosphere was relaxed, as it was at the Amsterdam Woods Festival. It would seem that every event I attend that has a food truck also has a good vibe. Many cities here in The Netherlands now have permanent locations where food trucks can sell their goods. Often accompanied with fun, hip and relaxed lounge areas. People who love food, like the charm of food trucks seem to be good mix.

Trek Festival Enschede 2017

The Dutch Railway (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) recently compiled a list of the top ten indoor food halls in The Netherlands. You can find the list here. Enschede is #2!



Late last year here in Enschede, the Twentsche Foodhal opened it’s doors. My boyfriends business is in the same building, so we we’re lucky enough to attend the opening. It’s located in the former Polaroid warehouse, that is called  The Performance Factory. I love it, I knew I would from the moment I heard the plans.

Images of The Performance Factory

An indoor food hall, where the idea is permanent food truck styled vendors. We recently visited with family and the atmosphere was amazing, and in my opinion it’s a wonderful addition for this city. A great initiative, and something I’d like more of. Creative entrepreneurs that love what they do. Since I’ve started on this post, I’ve been back, and still have only positive words for it. We recently brought our niece and nephew (twice) and they loved it. I’ll be taking them to a cooking workshop as soon as I can. They are always organizing fun activities for the kids. 

Images of the Food Hall

Food trucks are everywhere, and whether it’s a wedding, a festival or in the city center, food trucks are something I hope are here to stay. We deserve a little time-out, to enjoy some good food with good vibes. Wondering why they are so popular? A lot has been said about the reasons why. Economics is a contributing factor, think on low start-up costs in comparison to restaurants. Simply the lack of capital for a brick & mortar building. With many old vehicles being retired, this is a great way to upcycle them. There is also an increasing public interest in food culture, I personally think foodie bloggers have contributed in the popularity of the food culture, as has all social media. Also as consumers, we still want convenience, but we’re demanding a higher quality of food, and the ordinary concession stand or local McDonald’s isn’t something we want more of. Some food trucks are convenient and extremely affordable, while others have a slightly larger price tag. We foodies are willing to pay the price for the ambiance that often accompanies a food truck (especially at festivals or locations that have a dedicated area reserved for food truck vendors). We’ve always been required to do this for a nice restaurant, so why would a food truck operator be expected to ask for anything less? Millennial generations’ impact on values, attitudes and lifestyles are also a contributing factor. Many people my age like to bash on millennial’s —I find them to be creative, inventive and inspiring. 

Bubble Bros: The World’s Best Prosecco Van from Ben Broad on Vimeo.


Here are some distinctions in terminology in the Food Truck world.

You’ve got pop-up restaurants, which are restaurants that open for a limited amount of time in other businesses’ premises. Born out of the problems of the economy (rent, overhead, lack of time off) they answered a bunch of questions quickly.

Street trucks are usually construction vans that were actually used for construction in better days—when the economy tanked, those tanks were left unused until someone had the bright idea to do a taco truck.

A Food Hall is what it implies. A hall dedicated to vendors that operate from individual stands within the hall. Often accompanied with lounge settings, a central bar and live music.

Gourmet mobile food trucks are simply a way of differentiating the term from the old vender carts, serving hot dogs, or from memories of the ice cream truck running through your neighborhood. Gourmet trucks may not really be gourmet food, but they are higher end out of, well, a truck.

A commissary, in the food truck world, means a place to park, clean your vehicle, get ice, plug in for power, and get rid of wastewater.

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Also worth mentioning that we live very close to two Food Truck vendors. One we’ve had the pleasure of eating at during the Amsterdam Woods Festival, Dapp Frietfiets (fries bike). I walk by their place here in Enschede often and think, ‘damn, those were the best fries I’d ever had’. Just around the corner is Marcook, where the tagline is ‘LOW & SLOW BBQ AND GRILL’. The set-up looks amazing, and the reviews are great, but we’ve yet to have the opportunity to try the goods. I’m looking forward to that day.

Are you planning a big event, like a wedding, office party or something where you’ll have a lot of attendees? A food truck is a great addition. Think on local ice cream parlors, or bakeries that have mobile food trucks, and yes I’ve seen some that just serve booze! (see Bubble Bros Prosecco image above and visit their website here, oh and they also have a bubble bike).

If you’ve got any experiences with food trucks, pop-up restaurants… whatever, share your experience in the comments what they are. Let’s talk food.

Weekend is just hours away! Enjoy it!

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