TREK 2017 Food Truck Festival in Enschede (yummy)

TREK is a food truck festival in The Netherlands. The festival travels through the country from May through September. We went this evening, the three of us. My boyfriend Ivo and my daughter Cierra. Cierra had been before but for Ivo and I it was the first visit to TREK. We had a really nice time.The atmosphere was great and the food was delicious, plus there was a large variety of food to try, from various kitchens.

I could say it was so great we’re going back next year, but in all fairness my daughter and I are going back tomorrow. This time we’re taking a six year old because TREK has a lot to offer for kids as well as adults. It’s also located in the ‘Volkspark’ which when translated is the ‘Peoples Park’. It has a lot of gorgeous trees, play equipment and a petting zoo. I’m enjoying living in Enschede, it has more to offer than I was aware of when we moved here. Tomorrow is also the balkonfestival which when translated means ‘balcony festival’. The cities balconies will have artists performing music and theater performances. With luck will catch a bit of that too!

If you’re headed to TREK this weekend have fun. You can use your bankcard almost everywhere, but bring some cash too. Oh, and you’ll need to purchase a glass there for drinks. Each time you go to get a drink you’ll receive a clean glass, and at the end of your stay you can bring it home. And again, it offers something for the kids too. We spent about 5 minutes watching a 5 year old (?) and a toddler dancing… adorable!


TREK is In Enschede Until Sunday.

Visit the website here for more dates and information.

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