Hello =) If you’ve visited lately you might of seen my previous posts from our trip to the 2016 vtwonen + design beurs. Continuing with the series of posts, today I want to share some of the photo’s from the Flexa house at the design expo and soon I’ll tell you a bit about the press event I attended from Flexa.

The press event began at 16:30 and I arrived earlier so I could stroll around the expo with my daughter and boyfriend (#offtopic ->it was our ninth anniversary together that day ♥). The first stand we stumbled upon was the Flexa house. The house was created for the consumer to help them visualize the new colour trends in their own homes.

The stand had three small rooms where three top Dutch bloggers were giving the opportunity to decorate using Denim Drift. As I mentioned in yesterdays post, Denim Drift is a colour that surprisingly fits in with multiple design styles and colour palettes.

The first styled room we came upon was from Marij Hessel who blogs at Enter My Attic .

Marij created a botanical seating area which shows how her own individual style using Denim Drift. I love the plants and vintage accessories!

The second styled room was from Souraya Hassan who blogs at Binti Home. Souraya works often with Flexa and I personally think they make a great team. She has such an eye for combining colours as well as styling.

Souraya created a dining room using Denim Drift in her palette. Using greyish earth tints. She shows how you can stay true to your own colour favourites and still add Denim Drift. Again this colour is so multi-functional.


The third and final blogger styled display was from Wimke Tolsma who blogs at WIMKE!. Her style I describe as trendy, playful, easy diy, not complicated, not hard to make and if you don’t have enough inspiration just search Pinterest. She has a knack for recreating things with a personal touch, adding her own signature style. Her spin on Denim Drift made for a lovely display. That really bright yellow cabinet looked great with the blue.


Thank you Flexa for including me in your press list. I’m looking forward to working together with you. Our stair case is going to be painted in ‘Beton‘ and my bedroom has ‘Stylish Pink‘ accents ♥

For more from the design beurs / expo see my previous posts!

xoxo Teresa Micheile

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