Flexa ‘The Heart Wood Home’

The Heart Wood Home Color Palette from Flexa

Flexa ‘The Heart Wood Home’


this is one of the color palettes that incorporate and compliment ‘heart wood’


Autumn is arriving and that means home + design expos! Not only that, but the shops here in The Netherlands start promoting the newest trends and goodies for the home & garden. We will be going to the vt wonen&design beurs in Amsterdam. It’s an annual expo that we attend every year. For some it is to find out the new trends, for me it is to see which predictions I got correct, and which ones are a surprise.

The Heart Wood Home Color Palette from Flexa

The autumn months are for me the best of the year! The sun is at it’s best, with it’s golden hour, natures colors are gorgeous and something about it makes me feel cozy and safe. The idea that I can come into my home and be greeted by warmth, through the decor makes me feel at ease. It’s my comfort zone, where I get to decide my own pace, no matter how long my ‘to do’ list may be. I feel truly fortunate to have a home that gives me so much warmth, while providing me with a safe space. I am always aware of those that don’t have this, and will never take it for granted.

The Heart Wood Home Color Palette from Flexa


When decorating your home it is important to pick out a color palette that does something with you. That’s what color does, it has an influence on your emotion and sets a mood. When I was feeling depressed and unmotivated I needed a white basis with bright colors, florals and things that made me a bit giddy. When I was stressed, feeling down and rushed, I tried to keep the accessories put away, because they made me feel overwhelmed.

[one-half-first]The Heart Wood Home Color Palette from Flexa[/one-half-first][one-half]The Heart Wood Home Color Palette from Flexa[/one-half]


Now that I am feeling better and getting back into a rhythm of working on projects and such, I like that while at home I am greeted by a color palette that isn’t so bright. It now feels good to have accessories all over with plants hanging off shelving and warmer colors in the vases. This is because my life is busier with fun things, and I am happy without the need of stimulants from my surroundings. When I am at home I want cozy, safe, warm and ‘slow’. For me that is what this palette embraces, and why it’s my favorite of the palettes I’ll be showing you that all include and revolve around ‘ heart wood ‘. That being said… my work space is still white basics with pops of pastels and Scandinavian design. I’m tempted to change it, but find that it does still help me get motivated!

a Creative mess Blog // Flexa Palette The Heart Wood Home

The Heart Wood palette combines the soft tints of grey-pink, blue and a soft cocoa transition into powerful colors like ink-blue and purple. The palette is based on warmth from the natural materials such as wood and the feel of soft leather. A perfect palette to compliment all of the home trends.

[one-third-first]a Creative mess Blog // Flexa Palette The Heart Wood Home[/one-third-first][one-third]The Heart Wood Home Color Palette from Flexa[/one-third][one-third][/one-third]


The colors provide a feeling warmth and relaxation. You shut the door behind you, and put your busy life on hold. Even if you have a ton of work to do, home should feel like a place where you can retreat. It’s your safe space, where you decide the pace. This palette embraces just that; tranquility and a sense of satisfaction.

I’m a fan! I’ve always had a soft spot for ‘dusty pink’, old pink and pinks with a touch of grey. Because we love wood together with black, grey and in my opinion will never have enough plants in the house this palette has some great colors we can easily add to our home, and I’ve already spotted a spot for the Heart Wood aka #DuluxCF18!

The Color of ’18,  #HeartWood is a grown up pink with a grey tint. A color you associate with the warmth of wood and the feeling of soft leather. In a world that is constantly changing, your home is your safe space where you’re meant to feel at ease.

De Kleur van het Jaar 2018 Heart Wood is een volwassen grijsroze kleur die je associeert met de warmte van hout en het aaibare karakter van leer. Dit zorgt ervoor dat je je op je gemak voelt in je huis. De kleur staat voor warmte die we als houvast nodig hebben in tijden van verandering. 

Here in this Flexa video you can see how to use the color palette. Listen how Heleen van Gent, Hoofd van het Flexa ColorLab explains the ways to combine colors, and the effects they have on each other.




The next palette I’ll be showing you is titled ‘ The Playful Home ‘.

sneak peak

[one-half-first]a Creative mess Blog // Flexa Palette A Playful Home[/one-half-first][one-half]a Creative mess Blog // Flexa Palette A Playful Home[/one-half]


So many exciting things happening in the world of interior design and home decorating. I’m really loving this palette, and it doesn’t help that I’m so influenced by trends. I’m tempted to start changing things before I have even finished projects I’ve started! It’s a good thing we decide on things together here. I am however going to use the heart wood 🙂 I love it! It will look great with the colors we have in the house!

Have a good week, what ever your plans! We’re looking forward to the weekend more than usual because our shells are arriving for the garden this week so we’ll be ‘in the garden’ this weekend. I’ll share the results. Also, our kitchen renovation is partially finished, I’ll share that too!


All images are from Flexa and used with permission. This is not a sponsored post.

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