FLEXA 2018 color of the year is…

Heart Wood Flexa

FLEXA 2018 color of the year is…

FLEXA Paints 2018 Color of The Year is


I’m a huge fan of Flexa! Practically every room in our home has Flexa on the walls, and woodwork. I’ve blogged many times about their paint in the past, here.

A subtle and warm tone of grown-up pink, Heart Wood draws from the tactile qualities of natural wood and leather, conveying comfort and ease in response to consumers wanting to nestle down more and create a “welcome home”.

“As life gets faster, now is the time to press pause,”. “Our home needs to be a place where we can turn down the noise, where we can nurture our values and recharge. Color can play a significant role in addressing the balance between outside clamor and inner calm”. –  Heleen Van Gent, Creative Director at the company’s Global Aesthetic Center.

Heart Wood, captures the mood of the moment and it has four complementary color palettes. The palettes blend harmoniously with the materials from which the color takes its inspiration, while three supporting palettes balance softer shades with deeper and bolder tones.

The Comforting Home palette features warm earth tones, bringing together clay and blush pink tones to calm the mind, soothe the senses and shut out the noise. The Inviting Home palette brings comfort and convenience to life. Cool shades of blue encourage a clear-headed approach to life, while neutrals and fresh green support the need for connection with the outside world. Softer pastel shades are enhanced by coal and ink blue. The Playful Home palette creates a space to inspire and invigorate the senses. Yellow-toned green and gold encourage a creative approach to life. Pops of color add a sense of fun and energy.

Heart Wood Flexa

Heart Wood Flexa


Wondering what it will look like on your walls? Try the Visualizer app from Flexa. It’s free, and available for Android and Apple. It allows you to test the colors live on your own walls. The small paint testing rollers are also a great product for allowing you to play with the colors without committing to a large purchase.


Flexa Kleur van het Jaar 2018 Heart Wood – Interview tussen Kleurexpert Heleen en Binti Home

So what do you think of the ‘color of the year’ from Flexa? I love it and am seriously considering it for our guest room! I’m still so in love with my stylish pink in my work space… this is tempting for there as well though!

Let me know what you think below of the color and the complimenting palettes!



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