stock pic favorites The Inked Gardener

stock pic favorites The Inked Gardener

finding the right stock photography for your projects

Annie Spratt is one of my favorites on Unsplash. She’s one of many talented photographers offering a portion of their work for free, totally free, —no strings attached.

If you’re a website designer, developer or are working on any commercial or non-commercial work stock photography is a must unless you happen to be gifted enough to also be an awesome photographer. Not to mention having access to so many models, props, scenery locations…


More work from Annie. Her work is diverse and she posts series of photo’s which means if your’re creating a blog demo, her work will show a signature style giving the demo a more authentic look.

I’ve used a collection of Annie’s work to show you how you can use stock photography within a website/blog. Check it out here.

Every now and again I’m going to show I’m going to dedicate a section of A CREATIVE MESS to show off some of my favorite stock photographs as well as videos. I’ll sometimes just show my favorite stock pics or like in this example show you how you can find the right photographs for your website demo.

If you are looking for photographs that reflect a theme than you can go to the free sites for stock photography, for example those found here. If you are making for example a demo and you really want it to look like a blogger made it, then do what I’ve done for this project, and try using the same photographer. It’s not always easy to find one photographer offering so many images for free but I will be highlighting those, like Annie that do.

If you aren’t able to find what you’re looking for, there are photographers that will offer their work —for a price. Also websites like Creative Market offer many bundles of stock photography. My posts will almost always include free resources.

Annie Spratt

So these and others from Annie Spratt are my recommendations for today. How fun it was creating a fake blog inspired by her photographs!

I hope you enjoy this new category and please don’t hesitate to drop a link in the comments to some of your favorite stock photography locations!

xoxo Micheile

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