Engaged NL for the trendy new bride

EngagedNL for creative lovers &  young at heart

Engaged Nl is a unique wedding event for creative lovers & the young at heart. I attended the event with my daughter, Cierra. This was our second visit, we attended two years ago out of pure curiosity and now we attended for networking. Cierra started her photography business earlier this year and specializes in Lifestyle Photography which of course includes weddings. She spoke with some photographers and graphic designers while I, being her highly enthusiastic volunteer checked out the stands. The location was Lijm & Cultuur which is located in Delft, The Netherlands. The building alone is stunning and when you add creative business owners into the equation the results are quite impressive.

I loved the ‘handmade’ look that many of the stands had. The character of the product could be seen all before you got up-close. I’m not going to go into the details in this post but I will break it down soon. The follow up’s will include some D.I.Y. projects for you if you’re looking for some tips on displaying your products at an expo. Also I’ll be showing some party styling D.I.Y. projects as well so stay tuned! Like ‘With Milk and Sugar’ on Facebook of sign up for the newsletter to receive updates.

Here is a quick summary of what I saw.


Trends (new & continuing)


Circus Letters + Handmade + Personal + Wood + Handwritten + Gold + Homemade

There are two quotes I took home with me, one of them literary because it is printed on my Goodie Bag.

At the gorgeous stand from Oak & Fir, elegantly chalked on a blackboard was the following.

For creative lovers, and the young at heart.”


Just seeing Danique’s work in her little woodshed, one could easily understand that her work speaks to the creative lovers and young at heart.


If it’s not out there and you want it, -create it.”

The quote on the Engaged Goodie Bag. I highly recommend it! For me it usually starts with -create it 😉

Those are the two quotes that really sum up Engaged for me.

Here are some of my favourite photo’s. Some taken by myself and many by my daughter, Cierra (Bloesem Photography)



If you’re a bride + groom in the Benelux, I recommend visiting Engaged for fun, trendy and inspiring ideas for your wedding. You’ll find inspiration as well as the right vendors for your special day. If you’re not able to visit, Google the following keywords to find more blog posts, and don’t forget to visit the official site and follow them in IG + Facebook. Keywords; Engaged nl trouwbeurs


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