Oriental Rice Paper Printable Set

Oriental Rice Paper Printable Set


Easter is just around the corner and I haven’t decorated yet. We’ve been so busy with other things in the house that it doesn’t have much priority at the moment. I love printables but I personally don’t like many of the typical Easter designs I find on Pinterest or elsewhere. I’m sure there are gorgeous things out there but everything I found was so cute. I am over cute, but still fall for a touch of romantic. I find these to be a nice change from traditional Easter colors, and designs.

I decided to make my own set, and it contains quite a few printables. I’ve made them using the gorgeous GIN’KO Textured Watercolor Graphics from studioequinox.

GIN’KO is a watercolor textured set inspired by the ancient oriental rice paper textures and the airy ink graphics. A more romantic twist has been added to it, making it more actual and versatile, still keeping a classic and elegant feel.

This Easter printable collection features a variety of items that can be easily printed for your Easter celebration. See instructions + tips below!




Print the rings out on a heavy weight paper.
Not an option? Then use standard paper and paste them to cardboard (like from a cereal box).
I use paper from photo albums that I no longer using. Works perfectly, and the glassine protective sheets from the albums also work for printing!
See an example of printing on glassine sheets here.


This zip file contains .psd, .pdf, .jpg & .png files. Each item is ready for print and some have editable text fields. It can be found in the freebie shop.


Some of the printables are ready to use and some are templates that allow you to edit them using Gimp or Photoshop. Because not everybody has the opportunity to edit files the menu is available with lines where you can fill in the details by hand.

    • card ‘some bunny loves you‘ .jpg & .pdf
    • 2 styles of menu .psd template (editble)
    • 2 styles menu .jpg & .pdf with lines ready to print
    • square poster .jpg, .pdf & .psd (editable)
    • 2 sets of cake toppers .jpg fishtail and pennant shapes
    • 20 gift tags .jpg (5 pages)
    • 10 egg rings (or napkin rings) 2 pages .pdf & .jpg
    • brunch sign .jpg, .pdf & .psd (editable)
    • large fishtail bunting 11 designs 1 .pdf




Cake Toppers

  • print on the size and weight of paper of your choice
  • cut them out
  • paste / glue them over a piece of string to create a bunting line

Tip! Paste or glue just the lower section so that you can easily slide them along the string so they are easier to adjust.








Fishtail bunting

  • print on the size and weight of paper of your choice
  • cut them out
  • hang them as you like onto a string or ribbon

Tip! I print them to a5 size allowing two to a standard a4 page. If your paper weight isn’t to heavy you can simply fold the top around the string and tape them.
My favorite usage is printing them on glassine paper (the protection sheets in photo albums). 

printing on glassine paper







Gift tags

  • print on the size and weight of paper of your choice
  • cut them out
  • using a hole punch or exacto knife cut out the hole
  • place string, thread or ribbon through the hole and attach to your gift

Tip! Add them to a bouquet of flowers for a personal touch!

Napkin rings / egg rings

  • print on the size and weight of paper of your choice  
  • cut them out
  • tape or paste the ends around the napkin and or egg. If the they are longer than needed remove the excess.

Tip! If you’re using these for Easter eggs use a heavier paper and paste them onto a piece of cardboard such as that from a cereal box. This way your eggs won’t fall over constantly!


  • print on the size and weight of paper of your choice  
  • cut them out and write in your own text … viola!

Using the template?

  • the text sections are editable in Photoshop and or Gimp (the illustrations have been flattened and aren’t editable)

Tip! The cursive font used in the template is Wildera and can be found for free here

greeting card

  • print on the size and weight of paper of your choice  
  • cut them out

Tip! Print them on a heavier paper than standard paper. Print either four to a page or two. 


all templates

I think if you will be editing any of text in the templates you already know how but here are a few notes on the editing process.

When you select the text layer a pop-up will appear with a warning about ‘font substitution’. If you have the selected font installed then you can just go further. If you don’t you will either need to select a font of your choice or download the fonts that I have used.


Montserrat Regular

Cormorant (OT1)


The top two fonts are from Google Fonts. To download the fonts you can select them and in the lower right side you can see the ‘family selected’. Expand that section and use the download arrow to download the fonts you’ve selected.








I hope you like them, and remember that they aren’t just for Easter!

These printables are for personal use only.

To download these gorgeous graphics, visit the studioequinox shop on Creative Market.


Easter + Spring Printable Bundle - Free

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