An Easter Monday with Family – yes, Monday

An Easter Monday with Family


I hope you had a lovely Easter Weekend. The weather here wasn’t perfect but it was do-able. In the Netherlands we have two official days for Easter, the Sunday and the Monday. This year our Easter celebration was on Monday. We’re not religious so for us it is more of a tradition as well as a way of celebrating spring time. 

We organized a brunch at our place this year. With all my family living in the states it is nice to that my boyfriends family and I are close. We spend all the holidays together and because I can so easily contact family with internet the holidays aren’t lonely at all for me.  It was my daughter, boyfriend, his parents and his brother along with his wife and two children.

As a hostess I’m always worried about planning and atmosphere. I used to worry about the food but since I’ve got so much experience that doesn’t worry me as much as conversation. It would seem that everyone had a good time, the children were laughing and so were we. It was a really wonderful day =)

Here are some photographs, including pics of the watercolor magnolia printables that are available in the shop.

As nice as things are sometimes I can’t help but think of all of the people in the world that don’t have the luxury of a brunch with family. As long as I am able to, I’m going to make the most of what I have and try and celebrate everyday. 

That’s all for today, and possibly this week, I am working on a special project for someone dear to me. ♥

Take care and thanks for stopping by.

xoxo Micheile

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