DIY Wrapping Paper, + Instructions

Gift Card Wrapping Paper + Instructions/Inspiration

This is so easy to make and you don’t need a ton of supplies!

Tomorrow is my mother in laws birthday, and we’re giving a gift card. I like to wrap things myself, and this one I wanted to share with you. I time ago I made printable envelope liners, and printed them on glassine paper from an old photo album (see photo collage below).

a Creative mess Blog - DIY wrapping paper + Instructions

I tear the glassine paper out from the album, and then cut it to a4 (standard paper size) with my paper cutter. I then place the glassine paper in the printer paper tray, and print full sized, until the far edges (you’ll have to see how your printer program works for your project, but I do show in one of the videos below how it’s done with a standard windows photo viewer printer). See video below. Also you can see how you can make your own wrapping paper using Photoshop. I’ll make a tutorial for using Paint soon, plus other free editing programs. I get that not everyone has Photoshop so I’m going to film a few tutorials for you using Gimp and MS Paint.

You’ll need the following items
to make this project.

Some items may very depending on the personal creative direction you want to take.

  • paper, 1 piece,standard print paper will do (or pick colored paper)
  • transparent paper, I used glassine paper from a photo album
  • printer, a home printer works fine
  • printable wrapping paper, find online or download below
  • sewing supplies, for this example a sewing machine was used
  • scissors or paper cutter, I used a paper cutter



All you need to do is place the gift card between a folded piece of paper. Then fold the glassine paper over that. I trimmed the edges with a paper cutting machine to reduce the size a bit. Then my daughter quickly sewed it shut.

You could add some ribbon of a card. Where giving it with fresh peonies so I’m keeping this one simple.

Instructional Video
for making your own paper, and for printing.


printing the file you’ve created or downloaded from the shop



how to create your own wrapping paper using Photoshop


I’m really happy with the result. It took around 15 minutes for me to make and I think it looks lovely.

I’ve provided a transparent .png file to this post here to the right for you to use (personal use only). It will also be in the shop soon as part of a collection.

Enjoy and have a nice Sunday 🙂

xoxo Micheile

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