These tapes are for bloggers, digital scrapbookers, creative hustlers and graphic design enthusiasts like myself.

Spice up your graphics, blog headers, featured images and more using these tapes. I’ve also saved the tapes individually and added them to my digitally made photo albums. They are playful and add a bit of extra color + details to your projects. If you print them on adhesive / sticker printer paper you can use them as real tape. Something I like doing to give my wrapped gifts a personal creative touch.

a Creative mess

This collection features flowers, nests and feathers. It’s new to the collection and I thought it was perfect for the spring weather we’re having currently here in The Netherlands.

I really needed this weather! My winter dip has practically disappeared, and with every day of spring sunshine (and even rain), I am feeling better. Depression is so hard to live with. I see such lovely quotes coming by with “choose to be happy“, and I just want to scream at times. It really isn’t a choice. When I am feeling good I try and hold on to that feeling as much as possible, however I am tired of this quote trend that basically tells people what they should be thinking, feeling and doing. Can we just stop that already? “Only surround yourself with happy people“, yeah, and what about us with depression then? Do we not deserve your company? Mean people, okay, get them out of your social surroundings, but happy isn’t an accessory we can purchase. Love us, like us, respect us for who we are, and remember anger like frustration and sadness are natural feelings just as happiness is. We just cannot all ‘choose to be [insert feeling]’.

Haha you’d think I wasn’t in a good mood after that mini rant but I am =) Just need to throw that kind of thing out there. The Pepsi ad campaign that was stopped because of public out cry is probably why I was thinking about this type of thing. I just heard someone in the background talking about it. I could write an entire post on why Pepsi was so wrong with that ad. I’ll keep it simple though. Companies can do politics in their advertisements if they dare, however they shouldn’t high-jack a movement and misrepresent it. Protests aren’t products. Dissidence isn’t fashion.

a Creative mess

Below you’ll find the transparent image that you can save to use in Photoshop (Paint or other editing program would work as well). I’ve also made a clipboard printable for you to save (above).

a Creative mess

save this image (transparent background .png file)

Only one more work day (for many), then weekend! I hope you all have a nice day and best wishes for the weekend.

xoxo Micheile

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