Life in a new light

You may have noticed that blue tints are again very popular this year. AkzoNobel, here in The Netherlands under the name Flexa announced early in September that the the colour of the year 2017 carries the name “Denim Drift’.

The blue that Flexa is expecting to see trending next year is Denim Drift. A fine, timeless, multi-functional greyish blue that depending on how it’s used will give you various results. Denim Drift is easy to combine with darker as well as softer tints. It’s a colour that that paints the mood of today and 2017. It can easily be applied to multiple interior styles and atmospheres.

ColourFutures from Flexa can be broken down into multiple colour palettes, “Life in a New Light’. I like them all for different reasons. For my bedroom I would like the palette shared individualism . My bedroom is also my work space so it is important for me to feel inspired in my work space but also happy + relaxed. The colours in this palette work for me!

Watch here a video from Flexa showing how Denim Drift became the colour of the year 2017.

I’m going to share with you in the next weeks more from ColourFutures by Flexa, the life in a new trend palettes as well as my visit to the Flexa Press Event at the Amsterdam vtwonen en design beurs 2016.

Also the results of my bedroom make-over using Flexa’s Stylish Pink should be ready and if not I’ll post an update of how far I’ve come.

I’m looking forward to sharing more with you soon and wish you a great start in October. For right now there is beautiful autumn sunlight shining through the window and I’m going to go enjoy it in the garden!

xoxo Teresa Micheile

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