Color 101 – Roses + Macarons

Color 101 – Roses + Macarons

Color 101 – Roses + Macarons . A Color Palette

a color explosion

Today’s post is all about these awesome colors! Two favorites of mine, macarons & roses. The colors are so vibrant. Below you’ll be able to view the HEX colors and not just the vibrant but also the dull colors in this palette.

I’m loving these colors right now. I can’t wait to get some things done in the house (remodeling) and get working again on taking photographs. I haven’t photographed one summer flower this year. The up-side is I’ve got a lot done in the house!




#dd9944[/one-fourth-first][two-fourths][/two-fourths][one-fourth]DULL HEX CODES


Today it’s the garden, painting the kitchen cabinets (more of them), and painting the living room doors. Luckily we’ve got some help on their way! Tomorrow I’ll be photographing my new carpet (I LOVE IT). Also tomorrowI’ll be going to the ZUIVER opening in Oldenzaal at Seiger Wonen! There is going to be a bloggers meet-up!

Enjoy your day!

xoxo Micheile

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