Out of the box inspiration for work / office spaces

Out of the box inspiration for work / office spaces

Out of the box inspiration for work / office spaces

All over Pinterest, Instagram you see a lot of office spaces that are cute, colorful and have the Scandinavian style to them, like mine. Lately I can’t stand them. Yes, I said that. It’s gotten to the point that they almost all look the same, and I ask ‘Where is the fun in that?’.

I’ll admit for taking clean, crisp IG photo’s they make great pics. However I am moving towards the vintage flora with wood, black and botanical prints. I love the natural elements and the sophistication of it. A lot of the Scandinavian styled office spaces on Pinterest are becoming mondane. The same desk, the same chair, the same illustrations on the wall… the ones that made my heart beat a bit faster not so very long ago… those ones. Again they are visual eye candy on Intstagram and Pinterest, but I’m over it already. Give me wood, black, botanical and some plants!

I’m going to share with you some alternative work/office spaces. I added work as well as office to the title because I think work spaces are sometimes quite different than office. For example when I worked as a florist my work space didn’t look anything like my office space at home.

Below you’ll find some of my favorites at the moment. Some of the photo’s go back to 2013, and were either taken by me or my daughter at various events, most of all the vt wonen&design beurs (woonbeurs).

I hope you like them. Some of them show some d.i.y. ideas, so some inspiration no matter your color palette or space use!

Add industrial pieces + raw wood

Raw wood, industrial cabinet (from Bodilson) and plants, a perfect combination. I’m loving the cabinet but also the desk. The vitrine boxes are nice to look at and provide storage space for the prettier items on your desk. I’m loving the accordion wall lamp too. We’re going to be adding those above our kitchen counter. ♥

This is definitely one of my favorites.

Vintage Flora

Bravo vtwonen, as usual another stunning use of materials and composition. The botanical prints, the raw wood, vintage elements and wall decorations are stunning together. This was back in 2013 and I loved it then and thought ‘nice, but I want softer colors’. Now this is what I want in our home. This.

Black & White With Elements Of D.I.Y.

This is from Graham and Brown, and dates back to 2015. It’s organized and has some fun graphic elements on the wall. Such a clever way of hanging their wallpaper. I also love the d.i.y. creative elements you see here. A nice sewing space 🙂

Graham and Brown, also in 2015 had an example of one of my favorite types of work spaces, gardening.


I love the desk ♥ The hanging rack would be easy to make and you could hang all your most used items. Cacti is always a good home accessory.

Paint It Black (Or Dark Grey) And Add Some D.I.Y.

I really like this, though I prefer the vintage flora look above. The dark tints make the space feel like a sanctuary, an intiem space just for you. I don’t know how else to explain it. Remember I’m more visually orientated than verbal/written.

The jars with attached plastic animals, painted or a fun d.i.y. project. I did this with the nursery in my daughters room (she’s now 27).

The lower right image I like because it makes good use of the space, and the tiled desktop is a great idea. We’re considering it with our kitchen work space we’re thinking about adding.

This again was another vtwonen idea.

Do you have a favorite above, and has your taste changed much over the last few years? I’m curious to know more about your taste!

Heb jij een favoriet boven? Is jouw smaak in de afgelopen jaren veel veranderd? Ik ben nieuwsgierig over jouw smaak!






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