botanical inspired easter brunch buffet

botanical inspired easter brunch buffet

Botanical inspired Easter brunch buffet styling tips

I teamed up again with my daughter Cierra, >owner of Bloesem Photography. What a fun time we had working out the concepts I had for Easter. Today I’m publishing the ‘Botanical’inspired shoot. Using mostly greens and neutral colors, with white as the background we created a bright yet subtle palette for this Easter dessert / buffet table. This idea could easily be used for Mother’s Day as well.

There are many d.i.y. elements in this post. In the next week we’ll be breaking them all down with photo’s and instructions as well as providing more inspirational tips that can be found online. Everything you’ll need for your Easter inspiration.



We’re not only going to break down the d.i.y. projects during the next week but also the recipes. Today we shot a kids brunch that will also be coming online this week.

Wishing you a nice weekend. #TGIF

teresa Micheile


With the exception of a few photographs that I took myself the rest were taken by Cierra Henderson of Bloesem Photography.



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