It’s been a while since I’ve continued on this post! It’s been really exciting around here but also extremely busy. I didn’t get around to posting the ‘Next Posts’. So I’m going to tackle two of those photography related subjects in this entry.

Life is good here! For the most part that is. I was a bit stressed last week because of some personal baggage but luckily I was able to take a step away from things that were becoming overwhelming. Unfortunately one of those things that I had to step away from was my busy agenda including the Flexa Bloggers Event this past Saturday. We’ve been laying our flooring for the last two weekends and I was finishing up my photography class. Plus the many other things that happen day to day. Things were okay but I had to take precautions. This lead to my most personal Instagram post ever. The lyrics to ‘Hiding Tonight’ from Alex Turner came to mind in describing how I felt.

I’ll be the polka dots type
I’ll know the way back if you know the way
But if you are, I am quite alright hiding today

Tomorrow, I’ll be stronger
Running colourful, no longer just in black and white
And I’m quite alright hiding tonight

Moving forward

Even though I wish I could of attended the event I’m glad I put my health first. We went out Friday for dinner and a movie and spent part of Saturday in the city enjoying lunch and we got our ‘Rotterdampas’ (which is pass with lots of deals and accessibility to many place, attractions, films and good food). We put our Rotterdam Passes to good use on Sunday when our in-laws visited.


We took a tour on the tour boat Spido. My mother in law spent a lot of time here in Rotterdam in her youth and my father in law worked and lived here during the seventies. The skyline has changed a lot since then! The weather was for the most part sunny and we had a great time.


I finished my photography class. I have to say I learned a lot and think I’ve got the hang of those shutter speeds. It was strange to go from full manual to letting the camera decide things for me. I needed that though to fully understand each function. This spring/summer is going to be spent practicing! In the fall I’ll be joining the follow up class. You can see my ‘learning’ images here.

Since my last post two of my photographs made it to the Unsplash Editorial Page! Always a nice feeling and it’s great for my stats ♥ These were also part of my photography class presentation but with the confusion of receiving more than one file it was assumed I sent the same photographs more than once so they were never opened, reviewed or presented. Well presented yeah, sure –Unsplash the one on the right was even added to the Food & Drink featured selection on Unsplash.


A Photography Cheat Sheet

As promised a photography cheat sheet. You can print it or even better download it to your phone and then you’ll have it with you everywhere you go. It can be of help when you’ve forgotten which setting to use. It contains guideline advice for the shutter time


My Favorite Editing Apps

The editing programs I like to use most are Photoshop and Snapseed. I’m exploring Lightroom at the moment and though some of my favorite photographers swear by it I’m not liking the results I get. The presets make the photographs look so fake to me. It is probably my lack of understanding how to use it properly. I’ve signed up for free classes on KIM KLASSEN dot COM . I’ll let you know how it goes!

For now I’m sharing the apps I use the most plus those that are loved by photographers.


Photoshop software allows you to do so much but for photography I personally keep it simple. I straighten my pics, retouch them (if I discover there is a cat hair on a surface or if the frosting on a cake is a bit damaged). I don’t like an end result that doesn’t look similar to the original. Photographs that have been turned to black and white with a pop of color isn’t something you’ll make me happy with. But we all have our own tastes and Photoshop allows you to edit your photographs this way and way, way more!

The features I use the most are:


I use mostly to straighten the image. Occasionally I crop a piece out of the photograph.

Spot Healing Brush Tool

This is great for removing small blemishes. I discovered recently that one of my lenses wasn’t clean and it created a spots on my photographs. I was able to remove them with the healing brush. Same goes for a cake that may have some inconsistencies. I don’t mind a few, it keeps it real but some are so distracting that they ruin the photograph.


I’ve made a few actions for some of my favorite settings which include exif editing, saturation, curves, levels and exposure. I like to also add a Vignette to some of my photographs.

Hue/Saturation + Curves

This is where I begin with adjustments for turning a color photograph into a black and white (grey) photo.

Saturation -100% and then with Curves I make adjustments.


Fotor is a free editing program if you don’t feel Photoshop is right for you. It’s quite expensive if you are just beginning. Currently the 9th most popular free app in the App Store, Fotor allows you to edit your images, make collages or even design and share your own greeting cards. Simple to use but with tons of useful features, Fator is a great choice for newbies and professionals alike. Also offers batch processing, making it easier to edit multiple photos at once!


I’ve used Fotor below to crop, resize, adjust the settings and give it a vignette. All with the free version!



Some of those favorites of mine that get Lightroom are Linda Limelino (Call Me Cupcake), Beth Kirby (Local Milk) and Eva Kosmas Flores (Adventures in Cooking).
Please add your favorites below in the comments so we can all discover more!


Available for both Apple and Android devices, Snapseed offers a variety of features to perfect your mobile images:

  • All the basic photo editing features: cropping, rotating, tuning, spot repair, etc.
  • A variety of filters to add drama or flare to your photos
  • Stacks: These make editing even simpler by allowing you to copy and apply edits to multiple photos, re-edit filters, and more.




I can’t not mention VSCO Cam. It was my favorite for years and is still very popular.

A favorite among professional photographers, VSCO is one of the most advanced mobile photo editing apps available today. It comes with a built-in photo feed of curated (absolutely gorgeous) images other users have created, giving you inspiration for your own photos. The interface is simple, and according to many users, the filters and effects are some of the best out there.



Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC is a free on mobile, powerful, yet intuitive solution for editing, capturing and sharing your photos. Lightroom also provides a premium option that is filled with advanced features. Lightroom presets are often available from your favorite photographer/bloggers, many offering a set for free to try out.



You can use Gimp if you’d like I just don’t because I can use Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator for all of my projects. I think if you are only resizing, cropping and making light adjustments Fotor is the most practical online editor. Snapseed is my go to editor on my phone. As for video editing on my phone I use Splice and on my PC I use Corel VideoStudio.

So those were just a few. If you’ve got any recommendations please share in the comments!

As for me I’m taking a natural light portrait class in April and in the summer a city walk photo class.

I’ve been working on shutter speed. Last week I went with other participants in the evening to the city center to try and capture the tail lights. Here below is one result. The rest can be found here.

Shutter Speed/ Sluitertijd


This week I’m in talks to help someone out with their website which has me in the background completing my newest questionnaire form and subdomain for my Pay it Forward projects! Good times ♥

Take care and thanks for stopping by!

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