accessorize with flowers, plants + greenery

creative ways for decorating with flowers, plants + greenery

Decorating with plants in your home can really spruce things up! Here are some awesome ways to decorate with plants. A bit of nature in your home gives it a freshness and coziness. I like when plants are grouped together. On their own can be beautiful too in certain areas especially mixed in with other decorative items.

Vases with single stems look so striking in masses, and if you mix up the groups with various containers it gives that spot a bit of texture.
Decorating with a few blossoms and or branches can also be stunning.
Show your plants off in a cabinet with open shelving. Use the drawers!
Think outside of the box when choosing a location for your plants! Use a cabinet drawer, or hang them on wooden coat or towel rack on the wall.


Plants are just lovely and you can’t really go wrong decorating with them! Overall, plants are so beautiful and good for the home. You need to learn a bit about them, like how often they need to be watered and what airflow and light they need, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be able to enjoy them for long periods of time.

Do you have a plant crush? If so what are your favourites! Please I’d like to know!

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