About me

My name is Micheile which looks, and is spelled more complicated than it is. You simply pronounce it as Michel. My roots are in Sonoma, California but my heart is in The Netherlands where I’ve lived for almost half my life (I’m turning 48 this year). I live with my boyfriend Ivo in Rotterdam together with our cats Neko, and Pandora.


I moved together with my daughter Cierra to The Netherlands in September 1995. Have since ‘gone dutch’ –became a Dutch citizen in 1999. Sometimes I tag my Instagram posts with #mydutchlife 😉 Now that we live in Rotterdam, in the Western part of The Netherlands I hope to blog more about my dutch life 🙂

visual merchandising + floral design

My studies were in visual merchandising and floral design. I have an associated arts degree from F.I.D.M in San Francisco. In Sonoma, California I worked as a freelance florist and wedding stylist.

I spend most of my time creating website concepts and taking photographs. My blog has been a project that’s kept me busy for the last ten years. I started with Vintage Rose Brocante and made the switch to blog here when I realized that title didn’t fit with what I was creating. I still consider another name from time-to-time but for now you’ll find me at A Creative Mess.

Though my roots are in California, my heart is in The Netherlands where I have lived nearly half of my life.

loved San Francisco and am happy to have once called it my home. Just 45 minutes south of my home town Sonoma, and where I attended F.I.D.M..

Because I am in a situation where I can take my time with my projects I am able to help like-minded creatives free of charge with my ‘Pay it Forward’ project. I hope by paying it forward that we can all help each other in whatever capacity that might be. More soon.