20,000,000 & counting

Often I blog about the collections I’ve curated on Unsplash but did you know that I am also a contributor? Just recently I received an email from Unsplash congratulating me on my stats and thanking my for my contributions. At first I thought 1 photo had 20,000,000 views but it turns out it was about my profile –which is still a great achievement!

My photo’s on Unsplash were more seen than the Game of Thrones season premiere.

I’m a huge fan of Unsplash, no secret if you visit this site often. I love it for many reasons and one of them is for my own personal growth as an amateur photographer. I remember the first time I submitted photos and waited for the review period to end. I was extremely anxious thinking I may not be good enough, maybe to get a picture submitted but never featured, searchable or front page. Featured hasn’t happened yet but my photographs have been selected for the front page often and some that haven’t have been made searchable 🙂 I’t has inspired me to once again up my game and try even harder to improve my photography skills.

Rotterdam + update

Just recently we moved to Rotterdam and live along side the Kralingse ‘Plas’ (lake) and Kralingse ‘Bos’ (Forest). It is beautiful even on a rainy grey day (almost everyday we’ve lived here it has rained or there have been grey skies). With that on one side, and a panoramic view of the Rotterdam skyline on the other I will have a lot of subjects to photograph ♥ Plus I want to take more food and lifestyle photographs.

So now that we are getting settled into our new home I’ll be doing some research for my new hotspots and lifestyle posts. For now I’m going to get back to unpacking but I am happy to be blogging once again! It turns out the problem I was having with the website was easy to fix. I have a new IP address because we moved, and this address was acting ‘suspicious’ –rubbish because I couldn’t even log into my account let alone visit the site on WiFi. It works again and that’s what matters, so I will be updating more often now. If you’ve read this far you’re awesome ! Thanks ♥


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