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Four D.I.Y. Ideas for Your Wedding

Another weekly wedding d.i.y. favorites I want to share with you. This week it is bottles + jars for your d.i.y. floral arrangements. Time to think outside of the box, dare to do it yourself and ask for help.

Don’t be afraid to do the table pieces yourselves. Look at the photo’s of what you like, practice a bit and you’ll get there. It’s big pieces you need a professional for, and your bouquet of course. Save costs by doing isle flowers, table floral details and other details involving pops of flowers.

Start saving jars, and don’t hesitate on asking friends and family to start saving them too. Let them know what style you’re looking for so you don’t end up with the wrong sizes and style. IKEA has some great bottles as well, for an inexpensive price.

I hope you like these ones, and that they inspire you. The links to the original sources can be found under each segment. I give credit, where credit is do. #sharewithlove

xoxo Micheile



Keeping it simple.

These vases and bottles are stunning, with the choice of flowers used. Notice some of the jars/vases have touch of gold in the center? Great way of adding color or bling without losing the elegance and simplicity.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit with sizes and shapes. Add some colored touches to some of the glass work, but try and resist doing all of them. Sometimes less really is more.

Photo three I added because it was part of the same wedding and I just love the idea of using driftwood, and those initials! #details


Again you see how beautiful, pots, combined with glass drink bottles can be.

Drinking bottles like you see here above can be found at IKEA, for not so much money. The glass pots, again something to start saving up. If you want Mason jars, they are easily available (even here in The Netherlands). Any jam pot used for making your own jam would work.

The third photo shows snacks in what looks like a glass or jar. Also a good idea, for dressing a table.


Upcycle / d.i.y. Hack

Upcycle bottles and jars for your wedding. Depending on your style you can pimp them a bit. Above in idea one you could see they added a touch of gold to the vase. Here they’ve used twine and you could also use ribbon or a decorative tape.

The wooden tree trunk slice is something I use a lot when styling an outdoor party or wedding.

I’m personally not so keen on the lantern but you can decide for yourself. I would recommend a glass bottle, this adds height to the table and isn’t so large.



Here the last three. They are charming, inexpensive and easy to recreate (though I recommend, be inspired and make it YOUR own).

The post is about thinking outside the box, but with number three it’s all about inside the box. It’s lovely, don’t you think?



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