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Watercolor Magnolia Editable Gift Tags

These watercolor magnolia gift tags are editable, so not just for Easter!

So it’s almost Friday and most of the time I wouldn’t mind but the weekend is going to be so busy and I am running behind with things. I need to finish some painting in the house, move some boxes in the guest room (we’re still not done unpacking) and we’re getting unexpected company tomorrow for an evening. The shops are closed on Sunday + Monday here because we have two official Easter days in The Netherlands. 

Event thought I’m really busy I still want to share these with you. As you might of noticed I’m expanding the magnolia collection! These watercolor magnolia gift tags are available with two .jpg files, one Dutch + one English. Plus a .psd file with editable text is provided (note; Photoshop or something similar that allows you to work with layers is required to edit the text).




The text is editable so you can add a name or change the language! 




Download the files here.

Not sure how to edit the file? I’m working on an instruction video at the moment. I’ll post it a.s.a.p. 


The font I used in this project is Flotus and is available here.

I hope you find some good use for this one. It’s one of my favorites. 

xoxo Micheile




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