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There are many reasons to use stock photography. If you’re a website developer and want to show off your demo, and increase your influence you’ll need to chose intentional imagery that is it beautiful and purposeful.

There are also many free stock pics available, and these days they don’t all *suck*.

If you’re a Social Media consultant and need imagery for your Instagram posts and stories you’ll need to find imagery that will help create a harmony across your profile, and at the same time shows you know what you’re doing. If you’re a text writer and not a photographer, don’t hesitate to use stock pics. There are some great sets online that can be purchased, and may be more fitting for your needs. There are also many free stock pics available, and these days they don’t all *suck*.

If you’re a wedding planner and want to talk trending styles, than I’ll say it again *do not hesitate to use stock pics*!
If you’re selling it off as your own work that’s a different story, but if you’re showing off trends and or want to discuss a topic for example *wedding locations* stock pics are an excellent option.

Stock photography provides you with locations, models and scenes you might not have the opportunity, time or resources to create or come by on your own. This is why I gather photographs, create collections and bring them together for you. If you’re looking for sets that have been curated by me than my Unsplash collections and blog posts here will help you get started. You can also find collections from other users here.

This post is going to feature some of my favorite food photography selections from Unsplash.


photographers found on this page

inc. links to their work on Unsplash.

Monika Grabkowska Alex Loup Penchant Styled Brooke Lark

Jennifer Pallian Gaelle Marcel Neha Deshmukh Annie Spratt

My Food Photography collection on Unsplash can be found here.

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