A timeless, elegant WordPress website using Stockholm



Toujours = always. This one page wedding website was made using the theme Stockholm. It’s timeless and elegant. The style can also be adapted to a more modern and trendy look. The one page layout is makes it user friendly. This website is responsive and can be personalized to your liking.



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If you would like this website layout using the Stockholm theme you can purchase the theme and the licence on theme forest. If you would like, I can purchase it for you in your name (after payment). You will then get an account at theme forest that I will turn over to you so that you can always access your purchase(s), after-all you are the owner of the products and not me.

You’ll provide the content, and I will assist you with configuration and editing. Some of the texts are actually image files, so we can personalize them to your liking. We can work together on finding your color palette and font set.

The design layout can be personalized for you and we could add internal pages as well (eg. lodging information, tourist information, and much more.

Interested in this site but not for a wedding? No problem. Let’s talk.
Inquiries can be made using the contact form below.

Again all the work I do is 100% free. Only licences, themes and graphics need to be purchased. You’ll also need hosting (which I can help you find -I have a preferred hosting provider).

let’s connect on IG! @micheilehenderson