We need preserve net neutrality!

We need to save the internet and preserve net neutrality. First let’s forget politics. Let’s think about our friends, our favorite bloggers, vloggers, small businesses and their visitors, us. Let’s talk Net Neutrality; what is it and why is it so darn important? Let’s start with an example of a scenario with no net neutrality. That online shop you love? Your internet provider, without net neutrality could make you pay more to visit that shop. For example you love an…

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Autumn comforts include home-baked cookies. I think you need to bake these chocolate chip cookies. We see a lot of times people saying ‘best ever’, but how will you know if you don’t try them all? 😉 I have a tasty recipe for you today: perfectly, chewy chocolate chip cookies adapted from The Fannie Farmer Cookbook. For me, Autumn is baking season, and today it’s cookie baking day (tomorrow, will be too).   When I was around sixteen or seventeen…

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Out of the box inspiration for work / office spaces

Out of the box inspiration for work / office spaces All over Pinterest, Instagram you see a lot of office spaces that are cute, colorful and have the Scandinavian style to them, like mine. Lately I can’t stand them. Yes, I said that. It’s gotten to the point that they almost all look the same, and I ask ‘Where is the fun in that?’. I’ll admit for taking clean, crisp IG photo’s they make great pics. However I am moving…

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