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How I make my moodboards + free template

Finally I’ve found some time for creating! We’ve recently moved and almost all my energy has gone into the move. From packing and unpacking to painting and planning. Plus, life goes on and all the usual mundane daily things need to be taking care of.

Part of getting a new home is deciding on how you’re going to decorate or in some cases rebuild. For most of us that means hours on Pinterest creating private boards for every aspect of the decorating. Eventually you end up with a moodboard. I like printing mine. I can look at it for inspiration as well as motivation.

This is the moodboard for our living room. Lucky us, the house has metal door frames and a lot of large windows.

a Creative Mess

While creating my moodboard I used a colour palette template I once made. I really like the simple style and the finished product crops perfectly for using on Instagram and of course my blog. The Photoshop template was made of layers all ending with name copy ##. I decided to clean the file up and make it easier for me to find the layers I wanted to edit. I realized if someone else was using my file they’d probably be extremely annoyed. Many of us do this. We don’t group and name our own layers properly and don’t like editing other peoples work that isn’t named or grouped properly. Creative Market has gathered some Very Real Design Problems on Twitter and the copy 10,11,13 … is on there. I have now gone through the file and grouped the layers and named them, hoping that others would be able to work with them without any confusion.>/p>

Note: you must have experience with Photoshop and of course have Photoshop to edit this file. Also you’ll need to know how to work with smart objects and clipping masks. Basically a smart object when clicked on twice opens in a new window. You edit that file, save and close. The changes will become visible in the main file. Clipping masks are easy as well and the circle image on this product uses a clipping mask. You add your image below the mask, turn off the clipping mask layer (as written in the layer info.) and then you drag and place your photo where you’d like it, save and close. Again the changes will be visible in the main file.

The file is set up with options. You can have your moodboard with a colour palette or a texture palette. Also you can pick a coloured circle or a circle with an image. There is an optional text layer as well.

a Creative Mess

a Creative Mess

a Creative Mess


The font I used is Stringfellows and is from Nicky Laatz and available here.


The template is available here.

(Photographs are not included)

a Creative Mess


Enjoy the template!

xoxo Teresa Micheile

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